No-one disputes that he might have a valid grievance but was the walkout necessary?
Some of Winston Churchill’s wisdom certainly applies to South Africa’s current Super Rugby campaign.
The world of sport is fairly populated with its own versions of Titanic-like bravado.
It wasn’t the size of Patrick Reed’s driver that won him the green jacket, nor was it the windtunnel profile of his glove or the midsole support of his shoes that did the trick.
The supposedly heartwarming scenes we saw at the Wanderers can’t be repeated in the coming months.
There are real similarities between the two neighbours and their missions to become the best. But the Bulls have one distinct advantage…

Far beyond the bounds of ‘hard but fair’

Despite his bluster and know-all attitude about anything in the sporting cosmos, the Arithmetically Challenged Golfer has a strong ethos of upholding the inherent ideal of fairness in any contest which involves antagonists.

Rugby beyond him but he’s still a patriot

The Incomprehensible One duly settles to watch what was for him a fairly confused tableau at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome as Scotland lined up against the Italians.

KG’s brew shouldn’t be watered down

When the water isn’t that hot, you’ll still get beer at the end of the day, but it will be watered down and taste like crap. This effect is exactly what I fear for when it comes to Kagiso Rabada.

Aussies knew how to get under KG’s skin

The Aussies have accomplished what they said they would.

Little-known Saru presidential candidate could stir the pot

Andre May, president of the Leopards, is going to take on serial politician Mark Alexander. It’s a David vs Goliath scenario but what if he wins?

Rassie must look at lessons from history

The former Free State hooker is by anyone’s definition, deeply imbued with the ethos of rugby union – anyone who has bled buckets to serve the game at the sharp end of the scrum takes that as a given, part of the ebb and flow.

Forget about Bathabile … where is Bantu Holomisa?

Now is the time to add my two cents and it has actually nothing to do with the people who made the cut, but rather with one in particular who didn’t.

Lions blackout is baffling and deeply unfair too

The darlings of South African rugby have inexplicably gone laager mentality before Saturday’s derby against the Bulls.

Are boardroom shenanigans finally reaching the Proteas too?

Our national cricketers have generally shrugged off Cricket South Africa’s antics in the past. That might be changing.

Tighthead props more than slow fatties

I pity props. I really do.

Nowhere to hide from these verbal bouncers

It has become something of an in-joke; simply sneak up behind Mike the Mechanic, whisper the word “Proteas” in his ear and you can literally watch the steam coming from his ears.

Winter Games chills the fires of passion

The problem with being a self-confessed sports fanatic is the emotional baggage it comes with.

Why is Dean Elgar ignored in this Proteas time of crisis?

The Test opener averages 42 in white-ball cricket domestically but it’s a mystery why the national selectors still consider him a specialist.

Wanted, a Tasmanian Devil for Proteas team

There was, if truth be told, no hint of the doom and despondency which was to follow less than a day later as the sun above the cricket oval crept ever closer to the trimmed fringes of the outfield and the braai coals glowed.




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