Actor Menzi Ngubane has taken a health break from filming in filming season 5 of The Queen
The 80’s animated series ThunderCats is coming back to TV screens as the newly created ThunderCats Roar. 
Entertain yourself this weekend with a well deserve chill out, and forget all about your outdoor blues
Would a movie produced before their birth interest your kids? Try them out.
The iconic characters from Sesame street are also playing their part through various educational clips.

Movies What to watch this long weekend on Netflix with the kids

Not sure what to do to entertain the kids this long easter weekend? Netflix has some entertaining shows and movies for the whole family.

Books What to do with kids at home this weekend

We’ve found the most entertaining things to with the family this weekend.

Books Things to do at home with the kids this weekend

Whatever you do, stay home, but also have fun.

Being a parent Parents, cut yourself some slack on screen time limits while you’re stuck at home

As families hunker down during the coronavirus pandemic, many parents may wonder how much screen time they should let their kids have. Brenna Hassinger-Das, a scholar of children and technology, shares one rule it’s OK to break, one rule parents can bend and a best practice worth upholding.

Being a parent Boomerang launches Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs from Flintstones producer

Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs is a spin off of the iconic Flintstones, we spoke to Producer Mark Marek about the new series for kids

Movies Sonic the Hedgehog is out in cinemas today!

Sonic the Hedgehog is out, and Jim Carrey chats us through playing Dr Robotnik.

Movies Live-action ‘Aladdin’ sequel in the works

Original stars from the 2019 live-action reboot are also expected to join for the second film.

Movies What to watch with the kids this month

Tune in and be transported to a magical world of fun and adventure

Movies Matilda the musical is coming to Netflix

This partnership is bringing an all-time Classic to our devices.

Movies Netflix to release remake of ‘Pokémon: The First Movie’

The newest animated movie based on the beloved franchise will premiere around the world on Pokémon Day.

Movies ‘Frozen 2’ becomes the biggest animated film of all time at the SA Box Office

The real question is how many times did your kids make you watch it?

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