Whatever you do, stay home, but also have fun.
If you are worried about being a parent who is going to be working from home without the convenience of ordering take-out these easy recipes are going to make the SA lockdown a lot easier: Whip up your own homemade Veggie Pizzas with this easy recipe: Ingredients: 1 onion sliced 15 ml olive oil 30 […]
In terms of nutrition, parents are the ultimate role model for their children, and their influence has even more impact when they both set an example, a recent Finnish research study suggests.
While some gentle, firm pressure on kids to eat vegetables might be acceptable, it’s best to avoid nagging.
If the sarmies you’re packing are coming home untouched each day, it’s probably time that you mix it up! Here are six yummy sandwich alternatives to try: 1. Make sure that your child’s lunch box includes energy-boosting protein by packing pieces of biltong and dried wors in! The South African go-to braai and camping snack is also a firm favourite […]

Being a parent Mother meal preps 25 lunchboxes for her 5 kids every week

Organised mom shows us flames when it comes to preparing lunchboxes.

Food LUNCHBOX IDEA: Chickpea falafels

These oven baked, finger food sized bites are also freezer friendly so they can be prepared in advance.

Food Science says you should eat with your kids

Families can fill up on more than food when they dine together.




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