Whatever you do, stay home, but also have fun.
“A young girl must always remain confident”. This is what Wanda’s mama says to her all the time. Wanda has a beautiful head of hair that her mum proudly combs every morning but as soon as she leaves the house, no one knows that Wanda rushes to school and makes the big switch from her […]
Every time we read this endearing book,   “How To Be A Lion” we take something new out of it.
“Ed was tired, he sat down, and he knew something had to change”.
This wonderful series of books for children features courageous, empowering and inspiring role models from artists, to scientists, to authors and designers. 
Parents may be coping with a stillbirth but how do they explain this to a 6-year-old who wants to know where their new sibling is?

Books 5 children’s books to read with your kids in 2020

Here are some fascinating and inspiring must-read books for 2020.

Books Five reasons why you should read aloud to your kids – and pick their favourite book

Parents can help their children learn new words by reading their favourite books aloud.

Books SA author wants to help you teach your kids about big data

The aim of the book is to give children the narrative and visual building blocks they need to start building their own awareness and curiosity of the hidden world behind technology.

New book for kids sheds light on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Books New book for kids sheds light on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

‘When undiagnosed or not effectively treated, ADHD often sees children being unfairly labelled as naughty, delinquent, unteachable and adults as lazy or incompetent.’




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