November is World Prematurity Month, and Embrace is asking people to write letters of support to new mothers with prem babies.
Ruwaida Moola, Parenty’s resident Midwife, explains the important role exercise should play in your birth preparations.
Parenty’s resident doula, Katrina Meek, explains why a doula is a key person to have during your pregnancy and birth primarily for the mom but for the dad as well.
My plan to have a well planned and timed c-section with a carefully curated playlist and all and my plan to have my tiny bundle of joy in a bassinet next to my hospital bed on her first night on earth were both disseminated.
The only thing you can plan for when it comes to children and parenthood is that nothing will go according to plan.
Trying to be perfect parents takes away from the beauty of parenting.

Getting Pregnant Why you shouldn’t stress too much about developmental milestones

Children are individuals, individuals are different, and different isn’t abnormal

After Birth The Great Equalizer Podcast – Learning from Luke

This week on The Great Equalizer, we chat about the TGE ethos (leading up to our first birthday) PLUS, most importantly, Sam talks to Learning from Luke’s Jess Roberts about raising a child born with special needs.

Being Pregnant Read Bailey Schneider’s message to all South African moms

My body isn’t what I see in all the magazines.

After Birth Why child attachment is OK

Attachment parenting is quite a controversy in the parenting circles and as a parent, I can understand why. I’ve learned that parenting is about instinct and mostly winging it. There is no rule book, Only a million parenting opinions.

What they don’t tell you about a Vaginal Delivery

After Birth What they don’t tell you about a Vaginal Delivery

I felt the aches and pains and went through it all, and today I sit with the very reason for those pains and she makes it all worth it.

After Birth The motherLOAD

Nobody ever said that being a mother would be easy… In fact, if we each think back to our baby showers. I’m almost positive that some mothers had a little twinkle in their eye. They knew what was coming.

After Birth Why NICU Awareness month is important to me!

Parenty’s resident Lactation expert, Carey Haupt, shares her incredibly personal and emotional birth story for this NICU Awareness Month.

Getting Pregnant Stop asking when Baby No. 2 is coming

What makes us feel entitled to ask incredibly personal and potentially emotionally charged questions?

Being Pregnant Why you shouldn’t ask couples when they are having a baby

So many women either lose their children before they meet them or can never take them home after they do.

After Birth How To Go From Maternity Leave To Working Mom (like a boss)

Transitioning from expectant mom to new mom to working mom is extreme, here are some tips to help you manage.

Getting Pregnant What you need to know about the contraceptives you are taking

I feel like, in a way, contraceptives punish our decision to procreate on our own terms

After Birth The Great Equalizer Podcast – modern cloth nappies

This week on The Great Equalizer, we talk modern cloth nappies with the SA Cloth Nappy Users Association, brought to you by Busy Bottoms Nappy Service.

After Birth Tips to help the breastfeeding mom

Your breastfeeding journey is yours.




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