Attachment parenting is quite a controversy in the parenting circles and as a parent, I can understand why. I’ve learned that parenting is about instinct and mostly winging it. There is no rule book, Only a million parenting opinions.
What they don’t tell you about a Vaginal Delivery
I felt the aches and pains and went through it all, and today I sit with the very reason for those pains and she makes it all worth it.
Nobody ever said that being a mother would be easy… In fact, if we each think back to our baby showers. I’m almost positive that some mothers had a little twinkle in their eye. They knew what was coming.
Parenty’s resident Lactation expert, Carey Haupt, shares her incredibly personal and emotional birth story for this NICU Awareness Month.
What makes us feel entitled to ask incredibly personal and potentially emotionally charged questions?
So many women either lose their children before they meet them or can never take them home after they do.

After Birth How To Go From Maternity Leave To Working Mom (like a boss)

Transitioning from expectant mom to new mom to working mom is extreme, here are some tips to help you manage.

Getting Pregnant What you need to know about the contraceptives you are taking

I feel like, in a way, contraceptives punish our decision to procreate on our own terms

After Birth The Great Equalizer Podcast – modern cloth nappies

This week on The Great Equalizer, we talk modern cloth nappies with the SA Cloth Nappy Users Association, brought to you by Busy Bottoms Nappy Service.

After Birth Tips to help the breastfeeding mom

Your breastfeeding journey is yours.

After Birth MYTH BUSTED: The useless nipple

Men feel left out of the breastfeeding process, but they need not be.

After Birth 7 things to eat when you are breastfeeding

Nutripaeds, Parenty’s resident paediatric dieticians, has some tips on how to optimise your diet to make sure you’re getting the perfect nutrients to support you and your little one!

After Birth 6 things to look at when buying a breast pump

Carey Haupt, Parenty’s resident lactation consultant, gives the inside scoop on what to consider when buying a breast pump.

After Birth Breast may be best, but not for me

A mother’s experience of breastfeeding is complicated and cannot be expressed – not by me anyway – in 5 minutes. So, if you will please indulge me for the next 20 minutes or so.


3 awesome prizes up for grabs!

Being Pregnant First time moms know best… Or do they?

It’s not called failure. It’s called motherhood.

Being Pregnant Pregnancy & birth myths

I believe that women shouldn’t complicate their pregnancy journeys by holding on to tales with no factual basis

After Birth My son was stillborn, but he still had to have a name

I could not emotionally detach from my situation but I could detach myself from the process I was about to undergo.

After Birth Bringing a baby into this world can be the craziest experience ever

Every birth is unique and even if you are on your 5th child, you never know what your next birthing experience will bring




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