Matric exams are around the corner, is your child ready?
With the recent outcry for justice and the long-awaited change needed within our country, I was left feeling deeply distressed as a woman and a first-time single mama, raising my little boy in this big world.
In SA, only 50% of all children who die from cancer received a diagnosis and 50% of those who were diagnosed die because their diagnosis came too late. WHY? Because a major success factor for surviving childhood cancer is early diagnosis and many of our health practitioners are unaware of the signs.
Global Warming, IPCC, Mass Extinction Events, Carbon Emissions, Water Safety, Greenhouse Gasses, Food Safety, Acid Oceans, Extreme Weather Events, these are all terrifying and complex things for most adults, how do we begin to explain them to our children?
We must raise confident and assertive children.
Find all the dates and times South African matrics will write their NSC October/November 2019 exams here.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help

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