How can we connect with our children more?
If I think back to my teenage years, I felt overwhelmed by my feelings and found solace in unhealthy behaviours.
It becomes quite complex because you would need to analyse how quickly your body burns fuel.
Parenty’s resident paediatric dieticians, Kath Megaw & Nutrpaed, give some tips to ensure your vegan child is eating a balanced diet.
It is worth remembering that parents and guardians also have an important role to play in ensuring their children perform optimally when the time comes.
People have always been fascinated with the “why” and the “what” that makes the rich so successful.

Beware: Change can knock you right off your feet, but is it all bad?

I measured my self worth according to others. I put them first, always.

How to groom your child’s talent

‘How do I identify talent’ and ‘how do I groom the talent’.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Asking for help and support is a lot easier once you get past the silly notion of it being a negative thing.

What parenting style do you fit into?

Being raised by baby boomers, parenting took on an entirely different format, it was just that, parenting.

What you need to know about the contraceptives you are taking

I feel like, in a way, contraceptives punish our decision to procreate on our own terms

The pain of empty nest syndrome

For the first time in my adult life, no one is my responsibility.

Parenting a child with OCD

It is vital to get your child diagnosed and receive the necessary help.




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