Lactation consultant Carey Haupt talks about the women donating their time and breastmilk to premature babies as Prematurity Awareness Month draws to a close.
Having a doula present at your birth and in the after can help you in so many surprising ways.
If (like us) you’re pulling a on Christmas 2019, you’re gonna wanna listen to this week’s episode. Stay chill, calm your farm and pour yourself a gluhwein, guys, because we are NOT losing sleep over gifts this year.
Interacting with your child through play allows us to assist them in navigating this big and new world.
Meeting your little one for the first time is a magical experience. Our babies will only ever be babies once, and we must make the most of these sacred moments.
The way we raise our children matters. Not only does it play a role in creating the type of people they are right now, but it also determines the kind of people they will become.

Breast feeding in the workplace

Did you know that having an expressing room and encouraging your breastfeeding mothers to express for 30 minutes, twice a day, can improve their productivity?

Some baby care books are giving advice that goes against safe infant care guidelines

Parenting and baby care books may be unintentionally putting babies in danger.

The hottest hashtag for parents! Check it out here

We can all agree on one thing. Social media rules the world. Especially when you are a parent.

Tips on how to improve your child’s core strength

“Core strength” has been a buzz word in the health industry in the last few years, but its importance cannot be undermined especially in children.

‘Gentle parenting’ explainer: no rewards, no punishments, no misbehaving kids

Gentle parenting means no punishments and no rewards: just a partnership with your kids where they want to do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing.

Autism: What is it, what are the signs and who can help?

“It is a lifelong condition that has a spectrum of difficulties,”

10 No-Tears Tummy Time Ideas

Does your little one find tummy time to be a workout and a half?

KIDLIT 2.0! Showcasing our fave local finds for 2019

This week on The Great Equalizer, Sam gets called to the principal’s office, Charlene is the picture of patience and… WORD NERDS UNITE AGAIN! We showcase some of our favourite local children’s book authors ahead of the festive season.

Mould in a breast pump? Yes, it can happen!!

Parenty’s resident lactation consultant, Carey Haupt, explains what you need to know to prevent mould build up in your breast pump.

South Africans are writing letters to new Preemie moms to offer support and encouragement

November is World Prematurity Month, and Embrace is asking people to write letters of support to new mothers with prem babies.

Baby Milestones 6-12 months and what you need to know

You’ve faced and conquered the first half of your baby’s first year on this interesting earth.

Do this survey to find out your attachment style

If you’ve suffered from anxiety, depression or relationship problems, a psychological theory called “attachment theory” can help you get to the root cause of your difficulties and give you a greater understanding of what’s going on.

What is ‘attachment’ and how does it affect our relationships?

The way we attach to others romantically is intrinsically linked to how we attached to our parents as infants.

All you need to know about the first six months of your baby’s development

The first few months of your little one’s life are made up of curiosity and discovery.




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