Toddlers are fun, until they call you evil for trying to save their lives.
You’ve got about an hour left before the sun rises and there in the darkness is a little voice saying: “Mommy”.
There are various reasons why kids bite but there are ways to manage it.
You are about to enter a new phase with your child. They call it the terrible twos.

Being a parent WATCH: How Takkies successfully weaned her toddler off breastfeeding

Like a lot of moms, she was over the cuteness of breastfeeding.

Being a parent The importance of baby-proofing the house

You never think it can happen to you, until it does.

Baby Water Safety

With Olympic swimming legend and CEO of The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation South Africa, Ryk Neethling.

Baby Should we just let them play?

Anyone who’s ever watched a toddler play with water and different-sized containers has seen play-based learning in action.

Baby Start toilet training from birth

Elimination communication is a method of toilet training that starts from birth and follows a child’s cues.

Our Kids 10 ways to encourage your child to talk to you

I’ve been pondering this question for a while now. I suspect that, as my kids get older, they might not always want to tell me what’s in their hearts.

Baby How to (gently) get your child to brush their teeth

The key is starting early, from the first tooth.

Baby 5 cognitive learning examples that enhance critical thinking in your child

How you as a parent can guide your child’s learning.

Baby Overcoming meal times with picky eaters

Research suggests that with time and without pressure, most children will accept new foods.

Our Kids Does your child tell lies? Here’s why

A study found that asking young children aged three to four years to look at themselves in a mirror while asking them about a potential misdeed significantly increased their truth-telling.

Our Kids Tips for getting your kids to read and have fun while doing it

Reading for pleasure helps kids in a number of ways.

Our Kids How to get children to eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables

Kids should be eating fruits and vegetables from all colours of the rainbow.

Our Kids Fun with rhymes and word play helps children learn to read

Isn’t it weird that some words don’t rhyme that look like they should, like wood and food?




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