Having a second baby can usually become a rollercoaster ride for the family.
This is a must-watch video to remind toddler parents they are not alone, while getting a nice laugh.
Faked injuries are entertaining, especially when the ‘injured’ believe their own lies.
The trauma of drinking castor oil is felt in this video.
Experts claim that it is impossible for the boy to be the father, but he says otherwise.

Our Kids High school students drive social change online

5 students have taken it upon themselves to drive crucial online conversations amongst young people.

Our Kids Here is how you can manage nap and sleep-time accidents when potty training

Using the potty can feel like quite the achievement, but accidents don’t.

Our Kids WATCH: Toddler defies baby gate to steal jelly

This little guy is a little too smart for his own good.

Our Kids Roodepoort toddler can’t even go outside due to Covid-19 challenges

Amalia’s medical team has advised her parents that she cannot go anywhere outside of their family home, not even to the park, and they are receiving telephonic consultations as it is also not safe to go to a consulting room.

Our Kids Will the little ones be okay at the end of this lockdown and pandemic?

An expert takes us through the psychological effects of the lockdown on toddlers.

Our Kids Finally, a toddler that does not need to be begged to eat bread

He is refusing to share his loaf of bread, and mom does not even mind.

Our Kids Your toddler does not want to wear a mask? Here are ways to encourage them

For little humans that don’t understand why they have to wear a mask, it’s gonna take some convincing.

Our Kids WATCH: Triplets drive dad crazy as they try and go through the fridge

Just another day in a home with three children who are the same age.

Being a parent WATCH: This woman is all moms in a Zoom meeting

Kids are well behaved until mom goes on a Zoom meeting

Our Kids This is how you can help your toddler reach their milestones at home

Here are some ways to stimulate your toddler during lockdown.

Our Kids Here is how you can wean your toddler off the bottle

Imagine being told you have to give up your wedding ring. Not keen? Now you know how your baby feels when you let her know there’s not going to be any more “bottie”. More than just a source of nutrition, bottles can be comforting, too. That doesn’t mean the bottle can stay forever, though – […]

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