The 2020 exams will begin on 05 November 2020 and conclude on 15 December 2020.
Establishing a good relationship with your teen can be challenging.
It saddens me that all we continue to converse about is twerking pre-teens in skimpy outfits.
Your kids might not always tell you that they are being bullied.
Why is it so hard to get your teens to open up to you?

Our Kids Is it worth it to keep your tweens and teens away from social media?

In a world that has become obsessed with likes and followers, is your child’s strong enough to handle the psychological effects of social media. 

Our Kids SA teens are searching ‘how to get rid of pregnancy without parents knowing’ on Google

In a country where teenage pregnancy is prevalent, is it time we stop protesting the Comprehensive Sexual Education curriculum?

Our Kids How to identify and handle teen suicide

Young people’s lives matter and Margaret Kafesu (37), a child psychologist at the East Rand Academy of Excellence in Primrose, spoke more about teenage suicide and understanding depression.

Our Kids Teenage pregnancy increases by 40% in Kenya during lockdown

Sexual health care has been difficult to access for millions of Kenyan girls.

Our Kids When you find out your child is having sex

What do you do as a parent when you discover that your daughter or son is sexually active?

Our Kids New study shows that teens and tweens spread Covid-19 faster

As the world continues to learn about this virus, new research has come to light.

Our Kids This is how you can help raise independent teens

A child’s independence might be threatening to many parents, but it is a good skill to cultivate.

Entertainment Get the kids reading! Nandi Madida to host kids reading show on Mandela Day

South African SAMA nominated singer, actress and television presenter, Nandi Madida will be playing her part on Nelson Mandela Day by hosting Nickelodeon Africa TV special “Let’s Read!”.

Our Kids A local teenage animation gets nominated for an international award

This animation has been nominated for the 2020 Annecy International Animation Film Festival and it follows the lives of teenagers.

Our Kids Grade 11 learner killed in aircraft accident

The Grade 11 learner was on a training flight as a member of the Professional Flight Centre.

Our Kids Helping teenage girls fight menstrual poverty

Research by Global Citizen and the World Bank shows that an estimated 3.7 million girls in South Africa cannot afford sanitary pads.

Our Kids Here is how good communication can help protect your kids online

Help your child understand the no-go areas online

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