There are a number of mental health conditions that often may surface in adolescents, among others bipolar disorder and schizophrenia…
As the 13th case of Coronavirus is confirmed in SA, experts offer advice on how parents can help adolescents get the facts straight and be prepared.
School holidays are at your doorstep, and if you’re traveling with teens you may want to read this.
‘Parents, teachers, peers and friends may observe changes in a teenager’s demeanour without realising what these signs could potentially mean.’
The Eastern Cape Department of Education has been ordered to provide 65 new classrooms within the next 90 days
Parents, take note of this new dangerous challenge.

Being a parent FEATURE: The role of memes in teen culture

Memes can provide an opening for parents to talk to adolescents about serious issues like coronavirus or the possibility of war.

Being a parent Michelle Obama shares what recently made Barack do the ugly, loud cry

The Obamas became very emotional after dropping their youngest daughter Sasha at University.

Being a parent Tips for parents and kids on how to cope as death toll in schools rise

From bullying, to stabbing, to drownings cases of deaths in South African schools are piling up. Here’s our tips to cope.

Being a parent Tips from Facebook on how to keep your kids safe online

Jocelyne Muhutu-Rémy, Facebook’s Strategic Media Partnerships Manager for sub Saharan Africa offers these safety tips for your kids.

Being a parent Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls is accepting applications for 2021

OLWAG is offering scholarships for the 2021 academic year and here’s how to get your girl into the school.

Being a parent Teen could miss graduation because his dreadlocks are too long

The 18-year-old says he hoped his school would be open to learning about new cultures.

Our Kids 12 ways to keep your kids safe from sexual encounters online

Going through ‘what if’ scenarios might be one way to make children aware.

Our Kids Are your teens spending too much time on video games?

Some gaming is okay, but it should not interfere with family and friend relationships

Being a parent Teachers explain what they need to make education work better

Firstly, teachers’ most fundamental needs must be addressed.

Parenty How to deal with your child transitioning from tween to teen

Helping your kids navigate this transition can be difficult, but it is necessary.

Being a parent  Three ways 2019’s matrics can upgrade their digital know-how for FREE

Take a look at these three ways matrics can develop their digital skills and stand out.

Teens Supporting a child who performed poorly in matric

How can parents help their children navigate their way out of the anxiety of failing matric or performing poorly?

Our Kids How old should kids be to get phones

Every kid should have their own cell phone. Or should they?

Our Kids Episode – Choose Your Story: the inappropriate game your kids have probably played

The game’s players are able to customise their own storyline, which can then be ‘featured’ and shared with other players. The catch is, there’s more than 12 million creators – and the content isn’t exactly well-regulated.




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