Our in-house midwife explains how coronavirus impacts pregnant women and breastfeeding moms.
Afrika has a gorgeous nursery that her mama was kind enough to show to us in a recent Instagram video
The reality is that new research shows that co-sleeping with younger babies is associated with higher risk of Sudden Infant Death.
When it comes to choosing a breast pump its all about personal preference.
Dr Dulcy answers another one of our reader questions.
Myth Busting: Keeping baby awake ensures a better night’s sleep

Baby Government vs private immunisations – what’s the difference?

Everything you need to know about vaccinating your baby with government subsidised immunisations.

Baby Rolene Strauss doesn’t feel like herself anymore

Former Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss recently shared on social media that she’s struggling with her postpartum body.

Baby At least 35 leap day babies born in Western Cape

A leap year might only come around once every four years, but Western Cape newborns made sure they made the most of it.

Baby This baby is a whole mood!

It wasn’t a happy birthday for this baby

Baby See why this poster for anti-vaccinations is false

An anti vaccination post has been declared as fake news and false information

Baby How to prepare your child for their new baby sibling

When you have a first born who after many years of being used to being an only child, understand that it may make take a while  for them to warm up to having a new baby sibling.

Baby Parenty Recommends: Skincare products for babies

The Parenty team is back on the hunt for the best products in the market. This week we are looking at skincare for babies.

Baby MYTHS BUSTED: The truth about the most ridiculous local pregnancy myths

“Drinking orange juice will cause the baby to have jaundice”.

Baby Why do kids bite?

There are various reasons why kids bite but there are ways to manage it.

Baby An open letter to a new NICU mom

Hang in there mamas with babies in the NICU.

Baby Women get real about pregnancy, birth and postpartum – Part 2

From people being judgy to the baby blues and the “ring of fire”, women get real about what happens when they delivered.

Baby Breastfeeding is not easy!

From bleeding to inverted nipples, this mom is not giving up on her breastfeeding journey.

Baby Do Our Babies Need to Move More?

A study that used activity trackers to monitor babies found associations between infants’ movement and levels of fat.




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