There are strong arguments on both sides of the “dummy” debate.
These are the signs to look out for to tell if your little one is ready for solids
Here are four ways you could really help your friends, during this precious time in their lives.
Gabriela Caneva – who has been nicknamed “Rapunzel” was born on 30 April last year in Sofia, Bulgaria and has become an Instagram celeb because of her incredible locks…
Some skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis, can flare up in autumn and winter.
115 children were birthed from mothers who had the coronavirus, with only 3 infants testing positive

Baby Johnson & Johnson discontinues sale of baby powder

The company will no longer be selling their baby powder in the US and Canada.

Baby Why newborns should have an infant hearing screening

You’ve heard about the APGAR test, one done on all newborn babies to determine their overall health related to their muscle tone, breathing, skin colour, reflexes and heart rate. But did you know that your newborn should also undergo a hearing screening to detect any issues?

Baby This baby could stand – at only 8 weeks old!

This is definitely not what her parents were expecting.

Baby Financial preparation is of vital importance for prospective parents

Expecting parents urged to get financially prepared for their bundle of joy’s arrival

Baby Eight more babies test positive for coronavirus in a KZN hospital

The number of cases continues to grow, and the hospital remains closed to manage its outbreak.

Baby Mother of seven offers potty training tips

If you need potty training tips, ask the mama that has done it plenty of times.

Baby 5 surprising facts about your baby’s skin

The human body is remarkable, and most mothers will tell you that a baby’s body is weird and wonderful in its particular way. Here are some incredible facts about baby skin that might blow your mind.

Baby When nutrition can influence your baby’s sleep

What to look out for when feeding your baby- a sleep consultant advises.

Baby Newborn conditions that don’t need you to go to the ER

Not sure whether or not to take the baby to the ER? You are not alone.

Baby 68-year-old Nigerian woman delivers twins

The babies came following multiple IVF cycles.

Baby UPDATE: Ackermans opens to sell baby essentials

The Parenty team made a few phone calls and these stores assure us that you can still buy baby essentials such as clothes, vests and baby bottles.

Baby WATCH: This baby’s reaction bowls Trevor Noah over

Even Trevor Noah couldn’t resist all this cuteness.

Baby SALOCKDOWN: Babies R Us now deliver to your door

Baby essentials retailer joins shops that are delivering essential services

Baby Parents with newborns here’s how you can do a photoshoot at home

Covid-19 prevents parents from doing newborn photoshoots.




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