AP has no rule book but encourages a healthier bond between infant and mother.
As more newborns are being found, the department wants mothers to know that they have options.
Nappy rash: an irritating itch
Try to give your baby as much nappy-free time as possible, so that his/her skin has a chance to stay dry and start healing.
Bringing a new baby home can be challenging.
They form an integral part of the breastfeeding journey.
Reports of negligence from mother’s in prison have sparked outrage, resulting in violent protests.

Baby Kids don’t cry for no reason

Crying is a child’s way of communicating with the parents. Frustrating as it is, it’s our job to decrypt it.

Baby A nurse’s strike in a Zimbabwean hospital leads to seven stillbirths

Sally Mugabe Hospital is operating on skeleton staff, and babies are dying as a result.

Baby Heartbreak as Covid-19 mom loses her premature baby to the virus

Marzanne was placed in ICU at 30-weeks after testing positive for Covid-19.

Baby Frequently asked questions from new moms answered

A midwife answers 10 of the most asked questions.

Baby Some sleeping tips that could change your life

Sleep is not only essential for the baby, but for the parents as well.

Baby WATCH: The reality (and craziness) of life with a newborn

New moms and dads will totally relate to this.

Baby Don’t know what to do with excess breastmilk? Bath your baby

Some moms are blessed with an oversupply of breastmilk, and rather than filling the freezer with it, you can put it to good use and bath your little one.

Baby This is how you can prepare for the arrival of twins

How much is too much when shopping for twins?

Baby This is why your baby might be grumpy

Is your baby crying and you are not sure why?

Baby Should your baby sleep in a reclining chair?

How safe are these reclining chairs?

Baby Baby kicking the blankets in winter? A sleeping bag might be your option

Here is some help for choosing the best sleeping bag to keep the littles warm this winter.

Baby Different cultural practices in the postnatal (puerperium) period

Different cultural practices offer great insight into providing relief and support for a new mom and her baby.

Baby Covid-19 positive Wuhan preemie finally goes home

Weighing 500g at birth, this story is a reminder that things will be okay.

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