Here are four ways you could really help your friends, during this precious time in their lives.
Gabriela Caneva – who has been nicknamed “Rapunzel” was born on 30 April last year in Sofia, Bulgaria and has become an Instagram celeb because of her incredible locks…
If your child is acting differently, it’s totally normal. Here’s how to deal with it.
“The place we are all in is just hard and we are human just trying to figure it out day by day.”
These SA schools are taking a leap forward in trying to solve and reframe education for the new normal.
Some skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis, can flare up in autumn and winter.

Baby Mumbai hospital delivers over 100 healthy children from Covid-19 positive mothers

115 children were birthed from mothers who had the coronavirus, with only 3 infants testing positive

Baby Johnson & Johnson discontinues sale of baby powder

The company will no longer be selling their baby powder in the US and Canada.

Being a parent 10 Questions to ask Super Nanny in an interview (from an expert)

So you have who you think is Super Nanny sitting on the couch in front of you, and you are wondering what questions you should ask her to help you decide what makes her different from everyone else…

Pre-Schooler France forced to re-close schools as coronavirus flare ups occur

Schools in France opened with a restriction of 15 children per class.

Pre-Schooler Parents, educators have mixed reactions about schools reopening

From relief by some parents, to worry and concern by others reactions have been mixed to the education departments plans to open schools on June 1.

Baby Why newborns should have an infant hearing screening

You’ve heard about the APGAR test, one done on all newborn babies to determine their overall health related to their muscle tone, breathing, skin colour, reflexes and heart rate. But did you know that your newborn should also undergo a hearing screening to detect any issues?

Our Kids Learners weigh in on their future due to the Covid-19 lockdown

Will some of these concerns be addressed today?

Pre-Schooler Motshekga’s update on preparations for schools reopening moved from 4pm to 6pm

On Monday, the basic education minister convened a special meeting of the council of education ministers to consider the progress made towards the reopening of schools.

Toddler Why consistency and routine are important for toddlers

Consistency and routine creates trust, safety and emotional safety for your toddler.

Our Kids Options the dept of education may announce today

Parents are eagerly awaiting the way forward for their kids.

Being a parent How lockdown could affect South Africa’s children with special needs

For students that are already receiving tailored education, the lockdown is presenting insurmountable challenges for them.

Baby This baby could stand – at only 8 weeks old!

This is definitely not what her parents were expecting.




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