Children’s rights are a subset of human rights.
Amalia’s medical team has advised her parents that she cannot go anywhere outside of their family home, not even to the park, and they are receiving telephonic consultations as it is also not safe to go to a consulting room.
Sally Mugabe Hospital is operating on skeleton staff, and babies are dying as a result.

Our Kids How can you prepare your child for a coronavirus test?

There is a lot of stigma surrounding the virus and misinformation regarding the test, so moms need to make sure they know all they can to assure their little ones.

Our Kids Creating a safer space for our children to play following the murder of Shaynice Talla

Shaynice Talla’s lifeless body was found in an open field near Mapelaberg Road

Our Kids Support children the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital this Mandela Month

#ServeLikeMadiba is about marking our genesis and honouring Madiba and his message of being a service to one’s society.

Our Kids My child is a bully, what should I do?

Understanding your child’s behaviour outside of home is important.

Teens New study shows that teens and tweens spread Covid-19 faster

As the world continues to learn about this virus, new research has come to light.

Our Kids Parents share the funniest things their children have said during lockdown

Children’s unfiltered comments always leave their parents cringing and gagging.

Our Kids Covid-19 affecting the delivery of life saving vaccines for children, says the WHO

Countries are reporting cases of infections that were curbed by vaccines, but are now making their way back due to this shortage.

Our Kids Learners weigh in on racism in the classroom

The department of education extended an apology for children that have been victims of racism in schools.

Our Kids Telkom launches an online learning platform to support learners during the lockdown

One platform that combines all the learning materials that learners need to catch up on and continue learning.

Our Kids The World Health Organisation says schools should be closed until September

Should South Africa join Kenya and cancel the academic year?

Toddler Will the little ones be okay at the end of this lockdown and pandemic?

An expert takes us through the psychological effects of the lockdown on toddlers.

Baby Heartbreak as Covid-19 mom loses her premature baby to the virus

Marzanne was placed in ICU at 30-weeks after testing positive for Covid-19.




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