“While no medical intervention is 100% safe, there is clear evidence that vaccinating children helps to protect them”
Those not speaking the language at home or among friends are bound to be at a disadvantage, is the point.
This Global Handwashing Day (15 October), the Department of Basic Education (DBE), UNICEF, and Lifebuoy announce the signing of a declaration of intent to change the way the letter ‘H’ in the alphabet is being taught.
Even without coherent words, this little one has a lot to say.
The kids ate rotten food and looked like they had not bathed for some time.
Sometimes, parenting requires a lot of creativity.

Teens Dismissed principal or not, Enoch Mpianza’s family deserves justice

Grief is a powerful emotion. It never allows you to see through it and as long as no one sees their day in court, his family will not be at ease.

Our Kids 5 ways to teach your kids about their mental health

How can kids also learn how to take care of their mental health?

Our Kids What do children benefit from playing with Barbie?

New research findings tells us the amazing effects of doll play.

Toddler How a doll helped this mom get her toddler in big brother mode for their new baby

Having a second baby can usually become a rollercoaster ride for the family.

Teens Only 34 days until 2020 matric exams begin

The 2020 exams will begin on 05 November 2020 and conclude on 15 December 2020.

Our Kids When is it the right age to buy your child a phone?

It’s 2020 and we are in the middle of the digital age, so this might be a difficult question to answer.

Our Kids What are the effects of social isolation on children?

Many parents are worried the disruptions of Covid-19 lockdowns and school closures may affect their children’s mental health and development. In the Royal Children’s Hospital’s National Child Health Poll in June 2020, more than one-third of parents reported the pandemic has had negative consequences on their children’s mental health. Almost half of parents said the pandemic had […]

Pre-Schooler WATCH: Kids Paradise nursery schoolers take on the Jerusalema dance challenge

They heard the president’s call to participate in the dance challenge.

Teens Forming a close relationship with your teen

Establishing a good relationship with your teen can be challenging.

Baby Is attachment parenting right for you?

AP has no rule book but encourages a healthier bond between infant and mother.

Teens I’m a mom, watched ‘Cuties’ and liked it (Please don’t cancel me)

It saddens me that all we continue to converse about is twerking pre-teens in skimpy outfits.

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