Having a word for confusing dating behaviour can make it a little easier to bear.
According to a new study by Norwegian psychology professors, the key to sexual desire within a relationship boils down to… passion.
Making friends in your 30’s is hard, making friends in your 30’s when you have a time and energy vampire (otherwise known as kids) is near impossible. So, what do you do?
Living in a society that is so vocal about the importance of healthy living, one would think that the emotional side of this “healthy living” would take up the same volume of vocal space.
Maybe it’s because my husband and I are going on our first weekend away (alone) in almost 9 years. You heard that right. Two nights away from the kids, to celebrate our anniversary. Do you want to know what is at the forefront of my mind? SLEEP! Uninterrupted, no little bodies in the bed, alarm-clock-free, blissful sleep… and morning lie-ins as an added bonus.
I turned 37 last year. As my children sang “Happy Birthday”, showering me with kisses and laughter, I looked at the full table in front of me; an amazing husband and father, five gorgeous children, and I thought to myself: “My, how I have grown.”

Loving Surviving our insecurities

Most people who know me would probably say that I am an outspoken woman and a little opinionated (okay, maybe more than a ‘little’)… I have strong convictions and beliefs, and I tend to wear them on my sleeve. Loudly!

Parenty Can we ever really keep our kids safe?

Can we really, as parents, keep our children safe from harm, heart-ache, horror or hardship? I think there is too much in this world to guard against, therefore the best way to protect is to prepare.

Playtime Family holidays are just the best, aren’t they?

Family holidays are both a dream and a nightmare, especially when it is with the broader family. The travel time, the close quarters, the differing parenting styles, the relationship dynamics…

Parenty Giving your spouse your full acceptance

I have a suspicion that the average person learns about love and relationships from movies and songs.

Loving Good looks cause us to make poor assumptions – study

Humans are more likely to assume good-looking people are better in bed and have fewer STDs.

Toddler Being a parent is hard work

Parenting can prove to be a bit more strenuous than a nine-to-five job, but being a parent is a labour of love.

Parenty How to introduce a new partner to your kids

Parents should know that just because they are smitten over the partner, doesn’t mean their children will show the same enthusiasm.




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