Why you need to visit the The KAMERS/Makers market.
When it all just gets too much, how do we survive? When the world around us seems to be crashing in? We can’t breathe, feel or move… How do we crawl out of that dark hole?
A child’s entire sense of belonging and security is carried out by their parents.
A woman is being called a “genius” after she found a loophole in a divorce order she received from the judge, who signed off her divorce.
There are so many things that we as people are insecure about. Our bodies, personalities, talents, relationships, the list is endless.
Why are the laws around abortion being so heavily influenced by religion?

The Great Equalizer Podcast – I’m a person too! with Knitted Knockers SA founder Dana Biddle

This week on The Great Equalizer, I’m a person too! PLUS… Sam is feeling somewhat selfish, Charlene’s tired is tired and we catch up with Knitted Knockers representative Dana Biddle.

What men who don’t take paternity leave will never know

When you don’t tackle this mayhem with your partner, mayhem will never exist in their world.

‘Gangsta’ mom from Benoni has parents in stitches

There must be a reason for this, because she is as funny as all hell. 

Stop comparing yourself to other moms on social media

The truth is that social media is a platform people can use to represent themselves in ways they desire

Our bodies, our health, our rights, our lives

Our bodies, our health, our rights, our lives

Today is #May28, the International Day of Action for Women’s Health, it is an important day.

Giving your spouse your full acceptance

I have a suspicion that the average person learns about love and relationships from movies and songs.

I’m a mama with a mental illness

That’s a scary thing to say and to admit.

Male contraception

What we are sure of is that it takes two to tango and we must take equal accountability with regards to family planning.

The Great Equalizer Podcast – #enough

This week on the Great Equalizer, Sam flies solo at the end of #hellweek in South Africa. Luckily, postpartum doula and founder of The New Normal Genevieve Putter swoops in to relieve Sam from 60 minutes of monologuing.

Are we regulating the right bodies?

Why are we gaining unwanted weight just to avoid unwanted pregnancies?

The culture of Lobolo in the 21st Century

So what happens when a guy that earns R8 000 a month wants to marry you, but can’t afford it?

The Great Equalizer Podcast – Women’s Day 2019


Grief & Gratitude

He feels responsible to keep her safe




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