Since women can choose parenthood, should men be given the same choice?
Should you be steaming your vagina with herbs? Social media weighs in.
Finally, a deliciously in-your-face sex guide for Africans written by an African that’s for all genders and any sexual orientation. PG-18
Equipped with the right advice and encouragement, dating in your 30s can be like having your cake and eating it too.
Sex is a big part of an intimate relationship, but does the absence of it mean a marriage is in trouble and does it lead others to cheat?
When it comes to sex, there is no “normal” and “abnormal”. Something only becomes a problem when it starts affecting your daily life and the quality of your relationships.

Adulting Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? Here’s the medical answer

During intercourse the penis does not hurt the baby.

Being a parent How to talk about sex with your children

Introducing the subject of sexual and physical health to your child doesn’t have to be complex.

Sex Should you have sex in front of your baby?

Having a child complicates parents’ sexual relationship, so how far can they push?

Fitness and Wellness When can you have sex again after having a baby?

Women’s bodies go through a lot when they give birth.

Parenty Sex education raises questions about the role of the state in South Africa

South Africa’s new sex education curriculum is seen by some as infringing on the rights of parents.

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