The businesswoman and former TV presenter post put her back in the spotlight. Some tweeps thought the post was somehow insensitive to Mabena’s wife.
This is an important message for new moms everywhere to help them appreciate their post-birth bodies more.
A video of a blue-eyed Nigerian mom with blue eyes is trending on social media, but her reality is sad. 
Olympiad participation also instils confidence in subjects such as mathematics, which is so often shunned for its difficulty.
Jess B tries to mirror unapologetic self-love for her two girls.
Crying is a child’s way of communicating with the parents. Frustrating as it is, it’s our job to decrypt it.

Mum ‘I’m so exhausted’: Parenting burnout is a reality for a lot of moms during lockdown

We have been in lockdown for over 3 months, and this has taken an emotional and mental toll on moms.

Mum Job opportunities for moms who want to work remotely

Here are some exciting roles for moms that are looking for opportunities.

Dad WATCH: Heartbreaking video of a father shielding his son from the Lebanon blast

For many parents in Lebanon, their worst nightmare became a reality when a big explosion hit Lebanon’s capital Beirut.

Being a parent People are convinced Bontle and Priddy Ugly’s baby girl resembles her aunt Candice

Forget trying to figure out which parent she looks like, Bontle and Priddy’s fans believe little Afrika is the spitting image of her aunt.

Mum WATCH: Epic battle between mom, two-year-old, and eight-month-old triplets

Having one mobile baby under two is a handful, but having four of them is an extreme sport.

Mum A nurse who contracted Covid-19 during her pregnancy can’t recognise her baby

She went into cardiac arrest and spent four minutes with no oxygen flowing to her brain.

Mum WATCH: This mom life musical is every moms reality

If there is one thing moms need right now, it’s a theme song.

Mum A birthing complication leads to multiple amputations for a Gauteng mom

She is losing both her feet and hands, and has already lost an arm.

Being a parent 5 things we know about new Wiz drug

There’s a new easy-to-buy drug in South Africa and school kids are the primary target.

Being a parent SAICA extends Thuthuka Bursary window

Parents take note: applications for 2021 bursary intake close on 30 August 2020.

Mum For YFM DJ Petula El-Kindly, kindness is the most important lesson she teaches her daughter

Between holding down ‘The Morning Essentials’ on YFM and mothering, Petula slotted us in to answer some mom questions.

Dad WATCH: Dad playing ‘dance and stop’ with his daughter is beyond adorable

Father and child are getting ready for some fun times ahead.

Being a parent I give up, Angie, now you’re going to close schools, again?

Angie Motshekga tires parents and teachers out more than the kids do.




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