‘Congratulations Mufasa’ is currently trending on Twitter.
Is there someone that prepares dad for childbirth? Clearly not.
Here are some useful tips to help fathers navigating a new world with their families.

Baby Fathers also important in breastfeeding journeys

They form an integral part of the breastfeeding journey.

Being a parent For DJ Sabby, fatherhood is a superpower

Lockdown parenting has not been easy for DJ Sabby, but the lessons have been worth it.

Being a parent WATCH: Heartbreaking video of a father shielding his son from the Lebanon blast

For many parents in Lebanon, their worst nightmare became a reality when a big explosion hit Lebanon’s capital Beirut.

Being a parent WATCH: Dad playing ‘dance and stop’ with his daughter is beyond adorable

Father and child are getting ready for some fun times ahead.

Being a parent Second time dad gives birthing tips to expecting dads in a pandemic

Living during the pandemic is stressful enough, but when your wife is about to give birth to your baby prematurely during this time of uncertainty, you can bet it takes anxiety to another level. But while the birth experience with all the restrictions and protocols in place was very different for Johannesburg’s Ruan Brink when […]

Being a parent Actor Cedric Fourie starts a Twitter thread for fathers who love their children

It’s past Father’s Day, but dads can also celebrate themselves.

Baby WATCH: The reality (and craziness) of life with a newborn

New moms and dads will totally relate to this.

Being a parent WATCH: Emotional video of son asking his stepfather to adopt him

This proves that fatherhood goes far beyond genetics.

Being a parent These are all of Dr Dre’s kids

News of the rapper’s divorce has also just come to light.

Being a parent WATCH: Siya and Rachel Kolisi chat live about fatherhood and absent dads

Siya said he now feels empowered as a man knowing he can take care of his family.

Being a parent Truth time: how many kids does Papa Penny have?

The musical icon has Papa in his name but there’s confusion around how many people call him dad .

Being a parent Black Coffee wishes his son a happy fifth birthday with sweet Instagram post

Black Coffee tells his boy that the world awaits his greatness.

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