In terms of the 21-day lockdown to curb the spread of Covid-19, no one is allowed to leave their homes unless under strictly controlled circumstances.
This dad says he realises he’ll always be stuck with the not so glamorous parts of parenting.
It looks like the #JujuChallenge is already becoming a bit of a trend.
‘Watching my boys experience something for the first time is my favourite part of being a dad’
Scenes of absent fathers and families negotiating inhlawulo (damages) affected Maloka’s thoughts on and approach to fatherhood.

Being a parent WATCH: Menzi Ngubane opens up about raising his daughters

“As a parent, I hide nothing from them. I tell them about the phases they will go through”.

Being a parent SA fathers are not allowed to register their child’s birth if they are unmarried

Stateless children cannot, even with a South African father, be registered as South Africans by their fathers

Being a parent Dad’s guide to preparing for a new baby

What can expectant dads do to prepare for their new arrival?

Co Parenting What happens when an unmarried man is denied access to his children?

Unmarried fathers, like mothers, should have the same rights and responsibilities over a child’s life.

Dad Things to do with and without the kids this weekend

Its valentine’s weekend, so here are some fun options for you and the family

Dad Makhaya Ntini is super proud of his son’s cricket debut

There is a new Ntini on the block, and his father is proud of him.

Dad Hlomla Dandala’s throwback of him and daughter is too cute

Actor talks about how he used to rock baby to sleep on his back

Being a parent You’re supposed to take care of your kids…

Why is it that fathers are lauded like they found the cure for the coronavirus for doing exactly what moms are doing for their kids?

Dad Dad uses maintenance money to grow business to provide for his daughter

This dad used his maintenance money in a smart, unique way that benefits his daughter.

Dad FEATURE: Parental alienation – what it means and why it matters

Parental alienation involves behaviors that a parent does to hurt or damage a relationship between a child and the other parent.

Dad 5 times Roger Federer was dad goals

So not only is tennis star Roger Federer an ace at tennis but he’s also an awesome father to two sets of twins – a pair of nine-years-old daughters, Myra and Charlene and sons, Leo and Lennart aged four.

Dad Zuma’s fiancée Conco hits back at accusations she called him a deadbeat dad

The former president missed his youngest son’s first birthday, but his wife to be says she understands how busy he is.




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