Fans had also previously suggested he be named Simba because the rapper often refers to himself as Mufasa.
There are many things to consider before choosing to be a single mother.
‘We’re genuinely leaning on each other; when one of us has more capacity than the other, she tags in.’
Since women can choose parenthood, should men be given the same choice?
The businesswoman and former TV presenter post put her back in the spotlight. Some tweeps thought the post was somehow insensitive to Mabena’s wife.
These are the 7 challenges they experience.

Co Parenting Tips to co-parenting successfully and realistically

Rule number one for successful co-parenting: ‘Don’t be an asshole’. Our Parenty guest writer gets real about how to work with your ex.

Being a parent Co-parents can now move with their kids across provinces

Lindiwe Zulu has re-looked the conditions for the movement of children during the lockdown

Being a parent Doctor loses custody of child because of coronavirus

The US based doctor is being discriminated against because she’s a frontline healthcare worker.

Lockdown blues – parents and kids reunited

Co Parenting Lockdown blues – parents and kids reunited

Some parents who have been separated from their children since the start of the national lockdown have finally been reunited with them, but attorneys warn that the new regulations still leave much to be desired.

Being a parent Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are co-parenting goals

The celeb couples making co-parenting look easy.

Co Parenting New lockdown regulations allow separated parents to move kids between houses – again

While government had previously been unclear about the issue, new regulations regarding the matter were gazetted on Tuesday.

Co Parenting LOCKDOWN: What does it mean for divorced and separated parents’ contact rights in respect of their children?

Co-parenting during lockdown can be difficult. How do parents navigate around it when they are not living together? What are the children’s rights in such a situation? What are the dos and don’ts?

Being a parent LOCKDOWN: How to co-parent during a pandemic?

Find a solution that works for parents and children.

Being a parent Will South African co-parents be able to see their children during the lockdown?

Child custody can be difficult enough without the immense challenges presented by a national disaster.

Being a parent The South African Government reminds parents about free family advocate services

Separation or divorce can be detrimental to families without the right intervention.

Co Parenting What happens when an unmarried man is denied access to his children?

Unmarried fathers, like mothers, should have the same rights and responsibilities over a child’s life.

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