Phumeza’s advise to other moms is to ‘do what feels right to you in raising your child/children’.
The lockdown has affected many people, but are we aware of the role it has played on the mental health of families?
From learning about the stats and coping mechanisms, the campaign has shed light on the realities of breast cancer.
Those not speaking the language at home or among friends are bound to be at a disadvantage, is the point.
This one might change everyone’s minds about gender reveal parties.
They are “really good” at co-parenting, she shares.

Mum A glimpse into Dr Sindi van Zyl’s world of parenting

As a mother of two, Dr Sindi van Zyl says raising children is a huge responsibility and a privilege.

Being a parent Maintain your sanity by using an agency to claim for maternity UIF

The document extensive process can take the joy out of claiming for your benefits.

Mum ‘I have not had a good night’s sleep for almost a year’, says mom

Sleep deprivation is a reality for a lot of new and older moms.

Being a parent Linda Mtoba shares touching video as baby ‘bean’ turns 1

The four-minute-long video with ‘Smile’ by Beyonce as the soundtrack is a beautiful reflection of motherhood and personal moments between the family of three.

Mum Mom of 3 says she missed breast cancer lumps because she was too busy being a mom

‘Be selfish and take care of yourself’ is her advice to other moms. 

Being a parent The Great Equalizer Podcast: Is Cardi B’s WAP a celebration of female sexuality or is it a bit much?

Charlene and Sam have a chat about Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP”.

Mum Worried about negative thoughts as a new parent? You’re not alone

If you believe what the media tells us, we should feel nothing apart from overwhelming love, gratitude and excitement immediately when our baby is born. Although becoming a new parent might indeed be a time of happiness, feeling a far more complex array of emotions is actually more common than you might think. Research shows that overall happiness actually drops […]

Mum Comedian Tumi Morake’s work-life balance is a perfect imperfection

When they are not going to war over full chicken drumsticks, their home is full of cuddles and lessons on gratitude.

Mum How a doll helped this mom get her toddler in big brother mode for their new baby

Having a second baby can usually become a rollercoaster ride for the family.

Dad My father was a rolling stone

What the presence and absence of my father did for me as a young girl growing up.

Mum Pearl Modiadie won’t be sharing her child’s name anytime soon

The newest celeb mom on the block Pearl Modiade will be keeping her child’s name a secret

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