According to Netcare Hospitals: ‘Infertility refers to the failure to conceive after regular unprotected sexual intercourse for two years in the absence of any known reproductive pathology.’
This is a story of hope for couples battling with infertility.
June is World Infertility Awareness Month and there’s no better time to be proactive about your fertility health.
These Fertility facts may help you understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how it can enhance your chances of conceiving and avoiding infertility. 
According to research and recommendations, now is not a good time to plan a pregnancy.

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Getting pregnant with endometriosis is a possible. This is what you must know.

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A recent by the United Nations shows infertility is on the rise in South Africa. Here’s what we know so far.

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Dr Dulcy answers your health questions relating to children, and fertility.

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Ruwaida Moola, Parenty’s resident midwife, shares her tips for getting that bun in the oven.

Baby Why you shouldn’t stress too much about developmental milestones

Children are individuals, individuals are different, and different isn’t abnormal

Becoming a Parent Stop asking when Baby No. 2 is coming

What makes us feel entitled to ask incredibly personal and potentially emotionally charged questions?

Becoming a Parent Why you shouldn’t ask couples when they are having a baby

So many women either lose their children before they meet them or can never take them home after they do.

Becoming a Parent What you need to know about the contraceptives you are taking

I feel like, in a way, contraceptives punish our decision to procreate on our own terms

Becoming a Parent One Messy Mama – how it all came to be

It all started one sunny afternoon. We were out for lunch, enjoying the carefree life of two young people madly in love. We had it good. As we laughed together and planned our future as a newly married couple. The moment struck, and we both said, “Let’s have a baby!”

Baby I was told I would never have children

When you hear those earth shattering words. There is no explanation for the emotions that run through you. Dreams dashed.

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