Here are some exciting roles for moms that are looking for opportunities.
‘That’s gonna be my new reply to everyone calling me chubby,’ said one Twitter user.
For many parents in Lebanon, their worst nightmare became a reality when a big explosion hit Lebanon’s capital Beirut.
The pair invested in a non-starter double-decker bus without a roof for R35,000.
The proud parents made the announcement with a beautiful family portrait with Yolanda showing off her baby bump.
Children’s rights are a subset of human rights.
Forget trying to figure out which parent she looks like, Bontle and Priddy’s fans believe little Afrika is the spitting image of her aunt.
Having one mobile baby under two is a handful, but having four of them is an extreme sport.
She went into cardiac arrest and spent four minutes with no oxygen flowing to her brain.
Sally Mugabe Hospital is operating on skeleton staff, and babies are dying as a result.
The little girl’s sweet reaction prompted Bonang to respond with: ‘My heart is bursting.’
The actress has received an overwhelming number of comments from numerous celebrities congratulating her.

School So, schools are closing. What now?

School is out ladies and gentleman.

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MEC cracks down on officials implicated in R19.6m theft

Government MEC cracks down on officials implicated in R19.6m theft

Municipal spokesperson Moloko Moloto said police indicated yesterday arrests were imminent.

School WATCH: Limpopo education dept condemns incident of learner wasting hand sanitiser

The learner was seen applying hand sanitiser supplied to her school on her whole body.

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