Parents can play an important role in helping their children navigate their way around performing poorly in matric.
The lockdown has affected many people, but are we aware of the role it has played on the mental health of families?
Registered Counsellor and SACAP Educator Esmarie Cilliers advises the class of 2020 on how to achieve success this year. 
In September, Dlamini-Jones announced she is expecting her first child with husband Quinton Jones.
This one might change everyone’s minds about gender reveal parties.
Girls are 3 times more likely to be cyber bullied than boys
This Global Handwashing Day (15 October), the Department of Basic Education (DBE), UNICEF, and Lifebuoy announce the signing of a declaration of intent to change the way the letter ‘H’ in the alphabet is being taught.
“We would like to reiterate that abuse towards innocent and defenceless children is completely unacceptable.”
Sometimes, parenting requires a lot of creativity.
The Homeground presenter announced over the weekend that she and her husband Quinton Jones are expecting a baby boy. 
Our Facebook audience weighs in on whether or not baby showers should be kept exclusive to firstborns.
Teachers have had to adapt to online learning platforms while learning how to use learning management systems during the pandemic.
As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, schools were on lockdown in South Africa from March 2020. They only partially reopened in June, despite teacher unions’ concerns about the timing and lack of adequate protection for teachers and learners. The unions’ objections about having to work in conditions that posed a risk to health were understandable. But they […]

Being a parent Worried about negative thoughts as a new parent? You’re not alone

If you believe what the media tells us, we should feel nothing apart from overwhelming love, gratitude and excitement immediately when our baby is born. Although becoming a new parent might indeed be a time of happiness, feeling a far more complex array of emotions is actually more common than you might think. Research shows that overall happiness actually drops […]

Being a parent Comedian Tumi Morake’s work-life balance is a perfect imperfection

When they are not going to war over full chicken drumsticks, their home is full of cuddles and lessons on gratitude.

Being a parent My father was a rolling stone

What the presence and absence of my father did for me as a young girl growing up.

Becoming a Parent KZN mom sees newborn for the first time after beating Covid-19

The baby had to be delivered via caesarean section in order to save the mother’s life.

Being a parent Are you perhaps pushing your children too hard?

What does it mean when parents are living their dreams through their children?

Being a parent MUST SEE: Sophie Lichaba’s throwback pic for Rudo’s 30th birthday

‘I knew you were special from the second you were born,’ said the actress to her daughter.

Being a parent A whatsapp conversation raises the debate on whether or not men can choose fatherhood

Since women can choose parenthood, should men be given the same choice?

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Celebs & viral Pearl Thusi praised for parenting after sharing heartfelt message to daughter Okuhle

Parenty What we know so far about Covid-19 and children

School So, schools are closing. What now?

Being a parent WATCH: Dad playing ‘dance and stop’ with his daughter is beyond adorable

MEC cracks down on officials implicated in R19.6m theft

Government MEC cracks down on officials implicated in R19.6m theft

Becoming a Parent When should you be concerned about cramps during pregnancy?

School WATCH: Limpopo education dept condemns incident of learner wasting hand sanitiser

Being a parent Your mental health matters as a parent dealing with childhood cancer

Being a parent WATCH: Best friends who got married explain how they fell pregnant at the same time

Parenty Things that happen during labour that no one tells you about

Being a parent Charlize Theron would rather shoot an action movie over homeschooling

The Fun Stuff Olwethu Leshabane hosts the mother of all baby showers in celebration of her birthday

Being a parent The Great Equalizer Podcast-Back-to-school

Celebs & viral Lootlove shares adorable pic of ‘lil gansta’ twin girls

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