Orchids and Onions: Dismal marketing failure by Nikon SA draws loud, angry response
When you ignore a potentially vast target market, then that’s bad marketing…
If this is the dream they sold our parents, and for which so many people died, it is time to demand a refund.
If there is anything positive that has come out of the lockdown, which has led to most of us working remotely, it has been to be able to spend the past months with her at home.
Soccer is back – albeit in a bubble
There will be no fans at the stadiums, and it may all feel a little contrived, but – much like in England, Spain and Italy – for the football economy’s sake, the show must go on.
Committee makes no sense at all
Former finance minister Trevor Manuel said it best, when he told eNCA: ‘We’re a country that has lost its moorings and it’s a deep, deep tragedy.’
The insanity of banning one small portion of the population – between six to seven million – out of 59 million people is the stuff of legends.

Columns Where are you going, ANC?

Has corruption become too deeply entrenched in important sections of society and critical areas of the party such that it is probably impossible to cure, or could a more upstanding group of leaders emerge soon?

Columns We’ve built a broken world

When a part of our society screams that their lives matter, too, listen and try to understand. Don’t start an argument about whose lives are more important. Because if you do, you’re a heartless monster.

Vumacam can’t just do what it likes

Editorials Vumacam can’t just do what it likes

It started off with illegal street closures … without consequences.

Columns We were famous, and we didn’t even know it!

Life keeps moving, but you can’t always be focused on where you wish you were. It’s cool to stop and appreciate exactly where you are, in all its complexity and possible glory.

Ban about zealot’s passion, not logic

Editorials Ban about zealot’s passion, not logic

Thieves and looters can at least be locked up. But an ideological zealot and her oversize ego is a far more dangerous proposition.

Columns WATCH: The crooked line to R5 cigarettes and booze ‘sold’ at ‘house no.11’

In a simple experiment, we took to the streets to find out just how accessible banned illicit cigarettes and booze are.

Columns May women start prioritising themselves, as men will seemingly always toss them aside

In her book titled, All About Love, Bell Hooks argues: ‘When we face pain in relationships our first response is often to sever bonds rather than to maintain commitment.’

Columns While making a killing, cadre families are killing SA

If implicated ANC members are not dismissed, we’ll know the ANC is not serious about fighting corruption.

Columns Bowing to corona’s pressures

The coronavirus has proved beyond doubt, or so it is believed, hands are the main conduit to the nose, in turn feeding the rest of the respiratory system with the killer bug.

Hiroshima 75th anniversary a warning to the world

Editorials Hiroshima 75th anniversary a warning to the world

What the two bombings did do was show how horrific nuclear weapons are.

Temper virus good news with caution

Editorials Temper virus good news with caution

The message is, clearly: it is too early to start partying. Safety first is the only way to truly beat this.

Columns Suffer the little children

#NoLivesMatter, but when you really think about it, children’s matter even less considering they aren’t bringing much to the table, are they?

Columns We have a chance to rewrite script

For those tired of the constant calls for a war on corruption, there is good news and that is that we have the power to write our own script at the voting booth.

Trade-off needed in power debate

Editorials Trade-off needed in power debate

Climate change is real – but so is poverty. So compromise has to be the solution.

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