The problem of feeding off corruption rather than fighting crime is not just at the top, but also in the middle and lower management structures.
There has been a service-level failure not only by the ruling party, but by every party that occupies a seat in parliament.
If Time is correct, and Russia is indeed meddling in elections, one purpose in South Africa might be to reinstate the lucrative nuclear power deal.
We need to go to the source of most protests: corrupt and incompetent municipalities. They are the ones causing folk going public.
Timing the release of books to cause maximum impact on the conscience of voters ahead of important elections is a suitable response.
A change to the taxation of foreign trusts means any repatriated income or capital gains will now be taxed.

Opinion No, Steven Friedman, splitting the vote is real and will benefit the ANC

The DA is not misleading voters by telling them not to vote for smaller parties, writes Natasha Mazzone.

Columns Lost in the Karoo

Or why you should never let anyone drive for you.

Columns Whatever happened to the Van jokes?

With all the political correctness which has now become law, everyone’s too bloody scared to tell a Gatiep and Meraai joke.

Columns Richard Spoor’s tweet about Malema’s ‘mother’ crosses the line

Burying a close relative is not a time to play politics or for vicious personal attacks.

Editorials The ANC leopard never changes its spots

The real problem is that Ramaphosa can’t act against these ‘problematic’ people without running the risk of being deposed himself.

Opinion Don’t let the DA mislead you about the voting system

If the DA succeeds in persuading opposition voters they should not support the other parties, those parties may die.

Columns Beware, an ANC vote is a vote for everything bad the ANC brings

One can delude oneself as much as one wishes, but a ‘Ramaphosa’ vote is equally a ‘Zuma’ vote.

Columns All set for cricket’s quest for the elusive Holy Grail

Soon we’ll live in hope again as we try and go further than was the case in our first seven attempts.

Columns Orchids and Onions – Thanks for the laugh, Ogilvy

How difficult is it, Google and Sportsmans Warehouse, to divine that I could get actively annoyed by ads for something I’ve already bought?

Opinion Why Lasizwe doesn’t owe anyone a tuck

To sum it up: he’s just a cisqueer boy on a journey of self-discovery.

Columns Destructive riots are caused by failed political leaders

Burning buildings, cars, houses, schools and libraries is no longer protest, yet we cite ‘demonstrations’ in the hope it will somehow sanitise the anarchy.

Columns Running an election could have many benefits

As long as we don’t give politicians too much confidence. Nobody wants to see Julius Malema or Pieter Groenewald in spandex tights.

Columns The ANC needs to take a long, hard look at itself

It’s time for the ANC to go back to the drawing board by instilling a culture of ethics and leadership morality within its structures and general membership.

Columns Your vote is powerful – use it well

For one born at the end of apartheid, at the very brink of the endless possibilities of democracy, the state of the nation is demoralising.


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