Incarceration cannot be considered a deterrent. The results speak for themselves.
In among all the numbers, we have lost sight of dignity, and our value and worth as human beings.
Maybe it’s in poor taste to use money to influence people, but that’s a culture that the organisation has allowed to take root.
A professional contortionist would have been proud of the moves I choreographed just to untie my boot laces.
In the name of African solidarity, the ANC turned a blind eye to the depredations of the Zanu-PF government, first under Robert Mugabe and now under Emmerson Mnangagwa.
The current political crisis around the private funding of Ramaphosa’s campaign should be understood within a certain context.

Editorials Aarto will lead to more lawlessness

Aarto will only increase bribery and lawlessness on our roads.

Columns Arrear-oholics Anonymous

Once you are hooked, then you have to satisfy the craving, even if it makes no sense.

Columns The pain of empty nest syndrome

For the first time in my adult life, no one is my responsibility.

Disconnect between business and state contributed to Marikana massacre

Interactions between business and government created the underlying conditions that gave rise to what happened.

Columns ANC midgets pin ‘modern Gulliver’ Ramaphosa down

For Ramaphosa to break the bonds that constrain him, he first has to neutralise Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane, using constitutional mechanisms.

Columns De Bruin, da rugby brain

The Springboks now have an attack that makes sure it ruthlessly capitalises on limited opportunities. It’s an attack that, to put it succinctly, works.

Columns Orchids and Onions – Toyota leads the marketing way

And England’s Marmite campaign hits Australia’s Vegemite for a six.

Columns When Metro cops turn a blind eye

The roads are full of traffic offenders. The Metro police should throw the book at them. But you can’t fight thuggery with thuggery.

Columns Marikana was a product of capitalism

The strike had been taking place for a week – too long for the faceless men who sent a command to the police to end the strike and halt the slide in profits.

Columns The ANC needs to revise its strategy on dealing with graft

The governing party always promises to root out corruption wherever it rears its ugly head, but there has been little evidence of this on the ground.

Columns Women are not their hair

While hair is no measurement for intelligence, the natural look is no measurement for how African one truly is.

Columns National Hell Insurance vs sustainable national health

Emigration is a cop-out if it means giving up on the dream of a prosperous, united SA. Rather than get the hell out of here, let’s take the ‘hell’ out of NHI.

Columns I won’t house-sit ever again

Normally, you add ‘muti’ to the water and switch on the Kreepy. Not this ‘meneer’.

Columns We’re all players in the numbers game

It started at 11.18am when I joined the queue at the licensing department in Mogale City.

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