Zuma’s latest antics won’t deter Zondo
The Commission of Inquiry into State Capture plans to set new dates and issue a new summons for Jacob Zuma to appear before it, and it could approach the Constitutional Court for an urgent order against him if he refuses.
He will be testifying about donations to the ANC made by IT service management company EOH and by other companies, including Regiments Capital.
Zuma left the commission without Zondo’s permission after his application for the chairperson to recuse himself was dismissed last week.
Zuma left the proceedings without permission on Thursday when Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo rejected an application the former president had lodged for his recusal.
Zuma’s antics at Zondo commission could see him end up in cuffs
The former president could face a charge of contempt, and is likely to run the gamut of the country’s courts to review Justice Raymond Zondo’s refusal to recuse himself, which could delay matters for some time to come.
The former president did not know he would be the one to end up walking out of the commission without the chair’s permission.

State Capture Penalty or imprisonment: What awaits Zuma for ditching Zondo Commission?

A legal expert says Zuma’s plan to file a complaint against Zondo with the Judicial Service Commission is an ‘idle threat’.

State Capture Zondo dismayed at Zuma’s bolt from State Capture Commission

Zondo says the former president leaving the commission on Thursday without asking for his permission is ‘serious matter’.

State Capture Zuma runs to JSC after Zondo recusal rejection

The former president plans to appeal Deputy Chief Justice Zondo’s dismissal of his application for recusal, as well as file a complaint against him with the Judicial Service Commission.

State Capture Zondo dismisses Zuma’s recusal application

Advocate Muzi Sikhakhane, for Zuma, said Zondo’s ruling would be reviewed.

State Capture Zondo should not recuse himself – legal expert

Curlewis explained to Izak du Plessis what an application for recusal is and why he thinks Zondo should not recuse himself.

‘We definitely were friends,’ Zuma insists to Zondo

Premium ‘We definitely were friends,’ Zuma insists to Zondo

The former president has insisted that deputy Chief Justice Ramond Zondo is downplaying their relationship, describing it as “relatively close” and “personal”, in his affidavit in support of Zondo’s recusal

State Capture D-day for Zondo recusal ruling at State Capture Commission

Jacob Zuma will not be attendance for the recusal ruling as he has a funeral to attend, Muzi Sikhakhane told the commission on Monday.

State Capture Of course we’re friends, Zondo, Zuma insists

Zuma’s advocate, Muzi Sikhakhane, on Tuesday said his client planned on putting on record a statement potentially disputing Zondo’s.

Madonsela joins Outa’s view on parly’s state capture inaction

Premium Madonsela joins Outa’s view on parly’s state capture inaction

‘People who are elected to parliament don’t have to fear the people of their constituency because they answer to the political party above everything else,’ she said.

State Capture Special Tribunal confirms preservation order against ex-Transnet executive

The preserved assets include a fleet of vehicles, several bank accounts held in Msagala’s name and those of his trusts, a farm and other properties in Gauteng and Free State.

State Capture Zondo postpones ruling on Zuma’s recusal application

The former president, however, said he would not be in attendance at the commission on Wednesday because he had a funeral to attend.

No, I am not your friend – Zondo denies Zuma’s statement

Premium No, I am not your friend – Zondo denies Zuma’s statement

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo says he and Zuma did not socialise together and they never had, in response to Zuma’s application to recuse himself from chairing the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture.

State Capture Setting up state capture commission was ‘politically motivated’ – Zuma’s lawyer

Then-president Jacob Zuma established the commission in January 2018, on the eve of an ANC NEC meeting expected to discuss his recall.

State Capture Zuma not accusing Zondo of bias, but some comments ‘crossed the line’

Muzi Sikhakhane on Monday took pains to emphasise that the application for Zondo to recuse himself was not based on the notion that he had prejudged Zuma.

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