Since choosing The Lunchbox Fund as one of four charities to receive support from their campaigning, they’ve received a considerable amount of donations.
They allege that City of Cape Town officials have confiscated their private property in violation of a court order.
Etzebeth and his legal team met with the SAHRC and agreed to co-operate with their procedures.
Delivering the Bram Fischer Memorial Lecture, the deputy chief justice also condemned the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa.
Freedom of Religion South Africa said the ruling ‘seriously eroded parents’ rights to religious freedom’.
‘The constitutional ruling is going against our Christian belief. Spanking is not the same as thrashing a child,’ says one parent.

Rape survivor finds solace in music

Nandile Ndamase has endured rape and sexual assault on many occasions and has emphasised to fellow survivors that it is never their fault.

81-year-old is still waiting for his Eskom refund

Mboneni Masebe says he can’t afford to keep travelling to Eskom offices.

Why SA needs to do better

As has been highlighted in The Citizen, we now have a socially derived definition of a decent standard of living in SA.

Gautrain barred from using ‘Get 11 days back’ advertisement

The transport service may no longer claim potential commuters ‘may save 11 days of their lives’ in adverts.

School pupils throw paper planes in record-breaking attempt

Pupils from numerous schools threw paper planes on Friday morning in an attempt to set a new world record for the highest number of paper planes flown at a single time.

Trauma tortures rape survivors for years

‘Society continues to fail women who have been abused by men repeatedly. The justice system continues to fail us,’ rape survivor Sihle Bolani says.

Shrinks offer their services to victims of trauma

‘We cannot solve the problem (of xenophobic violence) without looking deeper at the causes. As PsySSA, will are willing to help this nation to heal.’

Imam Haron’s grave, mosque declared Western Cape heritage sites

Haron was killed on September 27, 1969 while in police custody. He was detained incommunicado for 123 days.

Stats SA reopens job applications for census 2021

Many young people across the country stand to benefit from the recruitment for next year’s census, if they apply within five days.

What will be the costs of Ramaphosa’s anti-GBV campaign?

Nobody knows yet, but Professor Michael Sachs said the measures announced did not appear to require a huge amount of money.

Tributes pour in for state lawyer Sekwati, killed by taxi

Pritchard Street in Johannesburg – home of many law firms – was closed off where Sekwati’s body lay, covered by a sheet.

One in 10 people believe a man has a right to hit his wife or partner – Ipsos poll

60% of those interviewed, meanwhile, believe that a woman must obey her partner or husband.

How male ‘porn superfans’ really view women

Many people have suggested that men who watch porn have negative attitudes towards women, but study results suggest this may be quite wrong.

Murdered Ayakha Jiyane a ‘wonderful soul violently extinguished’ – teacher

The bubbly 16-year-old was allegedly strangled to death by her stepfather on Tuesday.

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