Kidnapping and trafficking cases on the rise in SA
A NGOs involved in assisting victims of kidnapping and trafficking say Covid-19 has created the perfect environment for these crimes to thrive, and they are seeing the results.
VIDEO: Community makes day special for kids with Down’s syndrome
Since the passing of Nathaniel Julies several stakeholders have reached out to support the Caitlin Douman foundation, and they hope to expand and support children with disabilities in more communities in Gauteng.
Meanwhile, the situation in the shelters appeared to be dire. IFP MP Liezl van der Merwe said she visited both sites, and found no social distancing, wearing of masks and other measures to prevent Covid-19.
Marais, who was in her late seventies, died on Friday at Eersterust Community Health Centre.
The CSO members included some activists who were at the forefront of highlighting the GBVF crisis and had brought the issue to the government during the total shutdown in August 2018.
KwaSizabantu Mission, a controversial church facing serious allegations of abuse, is using the same strategy to avoid accountability that it has used for more than two decades.

Society ‘We are confident that the truth will soon become evident,’ says KwaSizabantu

The mission has come under the spotlight following a News24 investigation, in which former members of the mission gave personal accounts of alleged sexual assault, physical and psychological abuse, as well as alleged financial crimes.

Business Insight ‘New normal’ for domestic workers: joblessness and debt

Despite increased financial responsibility, domestic workers’ earnings dropped from 63% earning more than R2500 before the pandemic hit, to 74% earning less than R2500 currently.

Society Hero of the day: Six-year-old prevents intruder from stealing television set

The suspect was arrested and charged with house robbery and possession of suspected stolen property.

Society People with mental illnesses kept in chains in 60 nations

Hundreds of thousands of people with mental illnesses are shackled and chained around the world, according to a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report.

Society Cele to visit Brendin Horner’s family to ease tensions

Cele said he intends to visit Horner’s family before the next court appearance.

Cops and policing forums to share resources to stop farm murders

Premium Cops and policing forums to share resources to stop farm murders

Ernst Roets, AfriForum’s head of policy and action, said the latest agreement with Sitole, who is responsible for the actual operations, was a sigh of relief.

Society ‘KwaSizabantu are God themselves,’ Celimpilo Malinga tells CRL Commission hearing

Malinga was the second witness to speak to the commission about her experiences at the mission.

ANC ‘must go to nearest hell’, says thirsty Limpopo resident

Premium ANC ‘must go to nearest hell’, says thirsty Limpopo resident

Despite having been completed and handed over before the before the 2014 local elections by then president Jacob Zuma, the R3.4 billion De Hoop Dam has yet to provide a drop of water to residents in surrounding villages in Limpopo.

Society How much is the Sassa child grant in 2020?

The grant was increased due to Covid-19 effects.

Society Cape Town healthcare workers experience HOPEtober open-top bus concert

The HOPEtober campaign, sponsored by Adcock Ingram OTC, is aimed at encouraging people to instill hope through simple acts of kindness.

Society Leave Kataza the baboon alone, City of Cape Town urges people

The City of Cape Town’s Baboon Programme has recorded an increase of 80% in the Cape Peninsula’s baboon population.

Blame culture for shame

Premium Blame culture for shame

Patriarchy, ads and entertainment still drives sexualising of young girls, says expert.

Lack of indigenous language use in government, hindering democracy

Premium Lack of indigenous language use in government, hindering democracy

The most neglected languages were those of the Khoi and the San, which are not even recognised by the Constitution as official languages and are not taught in schools.

Society On with his head! Rhodes Memorial statue gets repaired

‘It was learnt that a local ward councilor and police knew the names of the vandals and would come forward in due course,’ the Friends of Rhodes Memorial stated.

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