Talks with Animal Care Division have revealed that Eddie’s prosthetic will cost an arm and a leg for the small veterinary clinic who rescued him.
Sometimes knives are drawn as “agents” fight for their place in the Covid-19 grant queue.
Call to take action on SA’s ‘second pandemic’
‘There is no doubt that alcohol is a very pernicious factor’ – professor
Water woes into 2021
‘Corona or no corona, our government has failed us.’
Pandemic marriages see a popularity boom
One pastor says he gets marriage inquiries daily and marries 10 couples on average per month.
Of the 133 babies born, Ngaka Modiri Molema District recorded a total of 29 babies.

Society Gauteng welcomes 227 Christmas babies

MEC Mokgethi commended health professionals for their dedication and commitment towards saving lives.

Society Christmas 2020: Safety and precautions before festivities

‘… we urge all members of society to keep safe and practise kindness, empathy and consideration for all those around us during what is a festive season clouded by loss and sadness,’ the EFF said in a statement.

Society Society needs to be more aware of the ‘inequality of equality’ – Archbishop Makgoba

He was speaking at a Christmas Eve Mass at the St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town on Thursday, where he condemned the corruption taking place amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Only Xmas service for hotspot church

Premium Only Xmas service for hotspot church

‘Sometimes God has to use drastic things to bring your to your knees and help us think about our lives and our relationship with him.’

Society Tutu Foundation calls on government to lead in effecting societal reconciliation

‘The South African government is running out of time to regain its integrity and lead in the national reconciliation project for the benefit of all,’ said the foundation.

No reason for celebration

Columns No reason for celebration

National reconciliation remains a pipe dream for as long as those who run this country have no policies, or at least the manpower to enforce them.

Society ‘The priority was saving the children,’ says CoJ after finding kids living in transformer

The property where the woman and her four children resided was in an area where buildings around it had had their electricity connections disconnected.

Society ‘Blessers’ to blame for KZN’s rising HIV infection rate – Zikalala

KZN remains the epicentre of the disease in South Africa, with around two million infections.

Anti-GBV NGOs need support and aid, ‘not only campaigns’

Premium Anti-GBV NGOs need support and aid, ‘not only campaigns’

One of the realities of the Covid-19 pandemic was its contribution to the increase in incidents of violence against women and children, said Not In My Name spokesman Themba Masango.

Society Fura campaigns targets poverty and food security in Gauteng’s informal settlements

Having received a number of old shoe donations already, the GDF would like to appeal to community members to donate their old shoes as well.

Society Community policing ‘key to stopping sex crimes’

It’s time for communities to be empowered to take responsibility for their own safety, because 64% of rapes happen in and around the home, says AfriForum head of research Barend Uys.

Covid-19 leaves broke NGOs broken

Premium Covid-19 leaves broke NGOs broken

Those who have fallen through the cracks of government’s security net are set to lose the aid of NGOs, as donations to these organisations also dry up.

Society ‘Father Christmas of Africa’ aids SA’s kids with meal packs

Kinglsey Holgate and his foundation have travelled thousands of kilometres to deliver meal packs and Covid-19 essentials to poverty-stricken children in the Free State region, ahead of the festive season.

Crime Illegally occupied RDP houses go on sale

The houses are apparently being sold for anything between R10,000, for incomplete structures, to R70,000 for completed ones.

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