A male officer holds down the hysterical woman, while men filming the incident are chased away.
The EFF leader told party-goers to stop engaging in self-hate.
The EFF deputy accused has, along with others, cried double standards in SA.
He says there is nothing wrong with supporting black talent.
In the video the taxi driver can be seen throwing what looks like a hammer.
Social media was divided by a report which shows the extreme lengths a journalist went to for a story.

Facebook, YouTube act on ‘sensational’ health cures after report

These included videos advocating the use of cell-killing ointments that could be dangerous, unverified dietary regimes, or unvalidated screening techniques.

Mashaba lost respect for Manyi after his name change

Both politicians seem to miss versions of each other from bygone eras.

Redi Tlhabi will not accept Coconut Kelz slander

“She’s a special girl. Lesego that is. Coconut Kelz is special in a crappy sort of way,” quipped Redi.

Twitter adds warnings to rule-breaking tweets from public figures

This comes a day after Donald Trump doubled down on his criticism of Twitter, claiming the platform is biased and suppresses conservative voices.

Selfies: five times more deadly than shark attacks

Selfies in places deemed sacred or hallowed – especially when they honour the dead – can also raise questions.

EFF women do not care what Ntsiki Mazwai thinks of them – Sixo Gcilishe

This comes after she shared her thoughts on the party’s so-called feminist identity.

WATCH: Little girl wins Hofmeyr’s DStv decoder-smashing competition

The little sharpshooter has won R4,000 for her act.

Maile drags Mashaba’s wife into ‘Alex renewal project’ fracas

In a series of tweets Maile wants answers from Mashaba.

WATCH: Zuma hilariously narrates his own Mabena experience

Everything went south when a black interpreter had to do his job as a white police officer was calling Zuma a ‘ka**ir’.

EFF sparks debate over its feminist identity

A statement made by the party’s deputy president and shared by one of its MPs has sent supporters spiralling.

Limpopo MEC Thandi Moraka slams Ramaphosa sculpture critics

Instead of criticising, South Africans should be supporting the artist, says the MEC.

WATCH: Clip of ‘the devil’ Mbeki pushing Madizela-Mandela resurfaces

A Twitter account calling itself ‘EFF Jozi Ground Forces’ shared the 2001 incident, calling the former president ‘the devil’ and an ‘old witch’.

Mbeki pushing Winnie was her #MeToo moment – Zindzi Mandela

The former president was seen on television pushing the late struggle icon, who her daughter now says wasn’t well at the time.

Malema accuses Mbeki of an ongoing ‘assault’ on the ‘Winnie Mandela household’

This follows an EFF statement saying the former president ‘failed with flying colours to resolve the land question’.

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