Police had to disperse crowds trying to force their way into Parliament ahead of the Budget Speech by Finance Minister Tito Mboweni.
The strike is meant to coincide with the anticipated Budget Speech to be delivered by Finance Minister Tito Mboweni.
WATCH: Sacked Ekurhuleni workers municipality demand jobs back
While working for the municipality, the workers wanted to be recognised as permanent employees because the work they did was not temporary in nature.
The protest caused traffic to be diverted to the N2 freeway for more than 3 hours and remains closed.
Parties failed to reach an agreement in terms of the union’s demands which was a 15% increase for employees, Ingrain offered a 3.5% increase.
City Power says it loses about R2 billion annually due to non-technical loses which include illegal connections.

Protests Uber Eats drivers awaiting response after stay-away protest

The drivers said that since students around Johannesburg hadn’t returned to campuses, they spent most of their time waiting for orders and not making actual deliveries.

Protests WATCH: Shops looted then set alight in Durban CBD

The shops targeted were owned by foreign nationals according to the police.

Protests Trucking union threatens national shutdown if memorandum is ignored 

Mofokeng, from SANCATDRA, says that the increase in truck accidents was often linked to foreign truck drivers.

Protests Pastors march to Union Buildings to demand that church closures be lifted

MoAfrika Maila, the spokesperson for Pastors Against Church Closures, told ‘The Citizen’ they believed that the consultation process over the closure of churches had not been inclusive.

Protests Total blackout at SABC today as union workers down tools

CWU affiliated workers are forging ahead with a total blackout at the SABC following the march to the Union Buildings this week on the Section 189 process

Protests Numsa and Macsteel resolve ‘impasse’ over retrenched workers

Macsteel confirmed they had reached ‘a mutual consensus’ with Numsa late on Wednesday.

Protests Morale at an ‘all-time low’ as SABC staff march to Union Buildings

Many workers who have received Section 189 retrenchment notices ‘served the SABC with loyalty for years’, and have critical skills, said CWU general secretary Aubrey Tshabalala.

Food and Drink WATCH: No deliveries this Friday as Uber Eats drivers protest for fee increase

The drivers are demanding a pick up fee of R20 and then R6 per kilometre after the first two kilometres.

Protests Retrenched Macsteel workers will not be reinstated, says steel giant

Numsa labelled Macsteel a ‘cold and calculating employer’ for letting the workers go during the festive season last year, but Macsteel said retrenchment processes began in June, and that Numsa was informed.

Protests BEMAWU joins CWU in protest to Union Building over SABC retrenchments

Trade union BEMAWU says its members will join sister union CWU as they take to the streets over the ongoing retrenchment process at the SABC, since the public broadcaster does not want to conduct the process fairly.

Protests Numsa protesting nationwide to demand that ‘retrenched’ workers be reinstated

‘It is simply inhumane to retrench workers during a deadly pandemic, especially during Christmas, which is what this management did’, the trade union said.

Cricket Proteas forced to charter last-minute flight in dash to Pakistan

A team spokesperson confirmed on Sunday that Cricket South Africa had to make urgent late arrangements after an announcement from Emirates Airlines.

Protests A protected strike is SABC staff’s ‘only defence’ as layoffs loom, says Bemawu

‘We were quite sad to receive a letter a few days ago where the SABC basically said, employees do not have any right in terms of the extended consultation process.

Protests Zikalala slams KwaSizabantu protest which resulted in 48 infections

Zikalala said the province was prepared for the second wave and had cancelled all major events as a precaution.

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