The historic agreement between the city and labour unions will remain in place irrespective of which party is in power.
Walk-in clients are reportedly still welcome at offices and will be able to access legal advice.
With 64 local offices, six provincial offices, and one national office, Legal Aid SA provides legal services for those earning less than R8,000 a month.
Things reportedly became violent after Gumede loyalists kicked tables and chairs.
The Unpaid Benefits Campaign says it can prove workers are owed money.
Roads were barricaded with burning tires and rocks and residents armed themselves to fight gangs plaguing the community.

MyCiTi suspension on N2 hits Cape Town commuters hard in the pocket

Some say they need to bring laptops, cameras and other equipment to work in the city centre and minibus taxis are not always safe from thieves.

George security guards demand to be insourced by municipality

The security guards say they are working under poor conditions and are tired of working for security companies that don’t care about their rights.

Soweto lootings: No plans in place to prevent future tension – Cormsa

Government officials ‘only seem to act when incidents happen and later disappear without providing any social cohesion programmes’.

‘Shutdown is today, tomorrow and forever,’ warn Mokopane protesters

This after police denied them the opportunity to protest peacefully, following negotiations earlier on Wednesday morning.

Residents protest as ‘day zero’ reaches Butterworth

Protesters say the lack of water is not caused by drought, but by the unresponsive Amathole and Mnquma municipalities.

Protesting Khoisan claim they have been told to move to allow grass to grow

‘We will stand our ground, we are not going to move,’ Chief Khoisan SA said.

Immigrants arrested in Joburg raids say they showed police valid papers

Most people were ordered by the court to be taken to Lindela Repatriation Centre and to be deported within 30 days.

How women of Numsa struck a blow

But ‘the union would not celebrate Women’s Day as long as the working class continued to experience violence, suffering and oppression’.

City of Cape Town lays charge against shutdown organiser over R1.5m damage

Controversial group ‘Gatvol Capetonians’ organised the march, saying it was to highlight the plight of backyard dwellers in the province.

‘Gatvol Capetonian’ leaders take housing protest to the mayor

While the MEC told residents that a ‘lasting solution’ would be found, Parkwood erupted into chaos after shacks were demolished.

Backyard dwellers slam Western Cape government over empty housing promises

Several roads were temporarily affected and closed as a result of the protest action, but by mid-afternoon, several areas had been cleared.

Multiple Cape Town roads blocked as shutdown protest hits city

No protest violence has so far been reported.

Kensington backyarders to join Cape Town total shutdown protest

When the community was asked how many of them have been on the housing waiting list for more than 20 years, half the room raised their hands.

‘Gatvol Capetonians’ plan to shut down city on Thursday

The City’s safety and security mayoral committee member, JP Smith, said they could not predict the extent to which the shutdown would be supported.

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