Operations at the club have temporarily been suspended and the establishment is expected to re-open on Friday, 6 November 2020. 
The quake, which was felt from Istanbul to Athens, hit close to the Turkish resort city of Izmir, and has so far killed four people, and injured 120.
Mckenzie says he and his partner were employed by the company responsible for the mine, but have had nothing to do with them for at least 11 years.
Regardless of the latest ruling, the NSPCA said they are committed to continue pursuing an ‘outright ban’ for the live export of sheep ‘from South Africa across the equator’.
Smith faces charges related to fraud and corruption linked to dealings he had with corruption-accused officials at Bosasa, now known as African Global Operations.
Confirming sensitive discussions were taking place on Sunday, the airline said it was currently operating as normal.

News Update Crocodile Bridge open, parks near full capacity this weekend – SANParks

A SANParks spokesperson says most parks were fully booked and advised patrons to confirm availability to avoid disappointment.

News Update No foul play from staff suspected in Kruger Park fires

According to a spokesperson, the first fire started at night when no staff were on the premises and so was implausible to suspect any staff were involved.

News Update Berg en Dal camp restaurant blaze extinguished

The fire reportedly broke out in the Berg en Dal restaurant kitchen and spread to the dining hall, but was put out before further damage was done to the facility.

News Update All four lanes still closed after fatal N1 north crash

JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said the accident involved one truck transporting scrap metal from Zambia to Gauteng, who collided with a pole and died at the scene.

News Update ANC must hang heads in shame for Gumede appointment, says Bloem

Cope criticises the swearing-in of the former mayor as an MPL while she faces serious charges of fraud and corruption.

News Update Mthwalume suspect confessed to four murders before suicide

Due to the death of the prime suspect, no court appearances in connection with the Mthwalume murders will take place on Monday. 

Relaxing booze ban too little too late for SAB plant and workers

News Update Relaxing booze ban too little too late for SAB plant and workers

SAB and the SA Medical Research Council both called for a balanced approach to the ban. But infrastructure upgrades and capital investment worth R2.5 billion have just been cancelled for the alcohol producers.

News Update Mlangeni was no background boy, says Malema while calling out institutionalised corruption

During his political career, Mlangeni had to sometimes change his name to Percy or Mokete Mokoena.

Courts SCA upholds international principles on gun licence renewals

The act criminalises the unlawful possession of a firearm.

General UPDATE: Zindzi Mandela will be buried next to her mother, Winnie

Mandela will be buried at the Fourways Memorial Park on Friday morning.

News Update Police clarify that officers arrested in Zuurbekom hostage drama were not on duty

Among those people held hostage were employees of the church, residents of the building and volunteers who had shown up to clean the premises.

News Update ANC pays tribute to late stalwart Tom Manthata

Manthata died on Friday night at the age of 80. He died of Covid-19-related complications,

News Update Exclusive: Journo details moment rubber bullet hit his face during taxi uproar

WARNING: Image may be sensitive for some readers. Masilela explains how shots fired at disgruntled taxi operators could have turned out worse.

News Update Reopening nursery schools to be tackled without an open court or oral arguments

The bodies had planned to bring forward an urgent application before the High Court in Pretoria should the department of social development not head their call.

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