Eskom says there is still sufficient capacity available from its emergency reserves to meet Wednesday’s forecasted demand.
Eskom says rain disrupted coal supply overnight, but that it managed to recover enough for the anticipated morning peak.
Buffalo City municipality in the Eastern Cape has explained in a statement that new blocks will need to be added to the system to accommodate the new stages.
Emergency reserves will be used should generation units be lost during the day, but this could result in load shedding being implemented in the evening.
The power utility said the system remains vulnerable to unplanned outages or breakdowns due to inadequate maintenance over a number of years.
The power utility has made no promises about the coming week though.

Eskom downgrades load shedding to Stage 1

Generating units are being restored following breakdowns causing the loss of 13,543MW from the grid.

Eskom’s power output hits record lows

Eskom’s power output hits record lows

The power utility admits years of inadequate maintenance ‘leaves the system vulnerable’, with an ‘alarming’ output of only 56.76% in week one of 2020.

High likelihood of overnight load shedding on Wednesday, says Eskom

The power utility says this will be done in order to replenish water resources for its pumped storage schemes and minimise the use of diesel at the open cycle gas turbines.

No load shedding expected on Tuesday, says Eskom

The power utility adds, however, the electricity system remains constrained.

Eskom CEO takes charge early amid power crisis

Andre de Ruyter had been due to start work on January 15, but the sense of crisis surrounding Eskom persuaded him to take the helm early.

No load shedding expected today, says Eskom

Eskom says Sunday evening’s load shedding was terminated ‘earlier than anticipated’, due to water levels at pumped storage schemes having been replenished.

Eskom leaves even experts in the dark about what’s really going on

Eskom leaves even experts in the dark about what’s really going on

Load shedding is not going away and people don’t know the full reasons, experts say.

Load shedding to continue until Monday morning due to Medupi failure

This follows the announcement of the first batch of SA’s unpopular ongoing rolling blackouts on Saturday evening.

Eskom announces stage 2 load shedding

This is reportedly due to an unanticipated conveyor belt failure at Medupi Power Station.

Load shedding could return next week – Eskom

Equipment has broken down during the holiday season, during which demand was significantly lower, meaning the return of load shedding is likely as demand rises.

No partying in the dark this New Year’s Eve

No load shedding is expected today or on New Year’s Day.

Eskom threat of a dark Christmas for Soweto proves empty

According to residents of Protea Glen, which is usually hit the hardest by the power cuts, there were no outages and they were pleased to be spared from the darkness.

No load shedding expected on Tuesday

The power utility continues to ask consumers to reduce demand as a ‘concerted collective effort can help to avoid or lessen the level of load shedding’.

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