The first opportunity to fix it was squandered – resulting in 10 lost years.
International unemployment standards ignore a big part of South Africa’s labour market problems.
Black economic empowerment has had minimal transformational impact, because it is not systemic.
The recent election has shown again that the extremism which worries democrats in much of the world has little traction in South Africa.
Despite its endurance, the DA still hasn’t found a firm foothold to grow its votes in South Africa’s changing political landscape.
The re-opening of his case and others creates the possibility for the perpetrators to be tried for committing crimes against humanity.

Insight It’s ANC vs ANC in this year’s election

Our May 8 election is more about battles within the ANC than between political parties.

Insight How local radio is saving SA from the media’s ‘poverty porn parade’

A local dimension to South Africa’s election campaign is going largely unnoticed by the national media.

Insight Aviation safety expert breaks down how airplane crash investigations work

Inquiries can take months of painstaking work, but often yield important insights that improve flight safety for the future.

Insight Research revives culture of boers in Argentina

Research on their two languages – Afrikaans and Spanish – has led to a renewed interest among the younger generation.

Insight South African commentators often don’t understand the ANC – or the country

Accurate analysis would recognise what the ANC is, not what commentators would like it to be.

Insight Is Ramaphosa offering solutions or just ‘nuggets of hope’?

The vision articulated by Ramaphosa has the seeds for galvanising South Africans to get back on the right path. It urgently needs a plan to make it happen.

Insight What South Africa’s matric pass rate means for universities

South African universities aren’t doing justice even to top performing high school graduates.

Insight The pros and cons of taking a gap year

Although taking a gap year is a popular and enticing option for many matrics, its consequences should be carefully weighed.

Insight African leaders wake up to the potency of social media in politics

Critics, however, say most African politicians have used Twitter as a means of churning out propaganda without listening to citizens’ concerns.

Insight Foundation phase reading crisis a national emergency, says Equal Education

Equal Education says that the ‘narrow preoccupation’ with matric results deters attention from focusing on the foundation phase, a fundamental phase of a child’s schooling career.

Insight Why 2018 was the news year that kept on giving

Despite many wanting things to move even faster, the last 365 days will be remembered for hosting some huge turnarounds.

Insight Top tips to survive roadblocks this festive season

Know your rights when you get stopped this year.

Insight SA tourism performance steady as the year draws to a close

SA Tourism said South Africa’s tourism stats increased by 1.7 percent when compared to the same period in 2017. 

Insight If your dog bites an intruder, you could be held liable

It can be reasonably expected of the owner or tenant to anticipate the presence of an unlawful trespasser and warn them accordingly.

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