By insisting that the recent violence was ‘just crime’ and blaming migrants for our ill, politicians and commentators spread the hate that sparks pogroms.
Zweli Ndaba penned the flyer that spurred hostel dwellers and truck drivers to take part in the shutdown that led to xenophobic attacks in Gauteng.
A series of coincidental life events led to Zimbabwe’s controversial leader taking and holding on to power for almost 40 years.
The army is in too much of a sorry state to deal with such a severe problem, writes an academic.
The biggest problem is that armies are not trained for law enforcement. They’re trained for warfare and to use maximum force.
While half the ministers in Ramaphosa’s Cabinet are women, this Cabinet as a whole is still slightly skewed towards men.

How Africa can solve its own problems through philanthropy

Africa needs to develop foundations for ways of giving which don’t just emulate the west.

SA’s problem of ‘hidden hunger’ – when malnutrition and obesity combines

South Africa is not doing enough to tackle the problem, and should learn from Brazil.

A tribute to media freedom activist Raymond Louw

Anton Harber delivered the eulogy at the veteran journalists’s funeral. This is an edited version.

SA’s parliamentary budget office is in complete disarray

The first opportunity to fix it was squandered – resulting in 10 lost years.

Our unemployment stats are wrong – it’s even worse than we think

International unemployment standards ignore a big part of South Africa’s labour market problems.

How to make reversing apartheid’s legacy more than just government talk

Black economic empowerment has had minimal transformational impact, because it is not systemic.

Why fears that EFF, FF+ election gains show the rise of SA extremism are all in our heads

The recent election has shown again that the extremism which worries democrats in much of the world has little traction in South Africa.

Why the DA isn’t celebrating its 60th birthday

Despite its endurance, the DA still hasn’t found a firm foothold to grow its votes in South Africa’s changing political landscape.

Ahmed Timol: The quest for justice continues

The re-opening of his case and others creates the possibility for the perpetrators to be tried for committing crimes against humanity.

It’s ANC vs ANC in this year’s election

Our May 8 election is more about battles within the ANC than between political parties.

How local radio is saving SA from the media’s ‘poverty porn parade’

A local dimension to South Africa’s election campaign is going largely unnoticed by the national media.

Aviation safety expert breaks down how airplane crash investigations work

Inquiries can take months of painstaking work, but often yield important insights that improve flight safety for the future.

Research revives culture of boers in Argentina

Research on their two languages – Afrikaans and Spanish – has led to a renewed interest among the younger generation.

South African commentators often don’t understand the ANC – or the country

Accurate analysis would recognise what the ANC is, not what commentators would like it to be.

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