In May, the DA raised concern after it was alleged that the Gauteng provincial government spent more than R200 million on overtime wages over the last five years.
Medications for psychiatric patients comprised 2% of all reported stockouts in the beginning of this year, but by August this figure  rose to 11%.
Food and beverage corporations including Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Nestlé and PepsiCo apparently used the spread of the coronavirus to promote their ultra-processed foods.
The disease is commonly spread to humans through the consumption of raw or unpasteurised dairy products.
The fight towards a world without TB has been made more difficult due to the pandemic. Funds, vaccine trials, treatment and contact tracing efforts have largely been devoted to fighting Covid-19 instead.
Mabotse Malatji’s family says maggots started crawling from her body just days after she was discharged from a Limpopo hospital, and the SAHRC believes they have a strong negligence case against the health department.

Health Blood stocks ‘critically low’, public asked to donate

The SANBS is asking eligible donors to help reach the daily collection target of at least 4000 units of blood.

Health New HIV injection 9 times better than old prevention treatments – study

The groundbreaking preventative measure will not be available to the public soon as more research and development is needed.

Health Blood supplies run low as Covid-19 bleeds stocks dry

Covid-19 fears means usual venues won’t allow the blood service in, while resumed activity under lockdown level 1 has seen demand for blood increase.

Health How Covid-19 complicates the battle against malaria

As the malaria season begins in southern Africa, COVID-19 complicates the picture

Health Addington Hospital workers resume duties following faulty lift protests

Healthcare workers at the Durban hospital stopped working and held a protest outside the building over its faulty lifts.

Health NHI will prepare SA for future pandemics, says deputy health minister

The National Health Amendment Bill, proposed government clinics should operate 24 hours per day.

Medical aid Act is a crime – expert

Health Medical aid Act is a crime – expert

Letlape called on parliament to consider scrapping the Act as it only privatised health services which should be available to all.

Health Gauteng health department commits to cutting medication shortages

If certain medications are in short supply, the department said facilities must ensure patients are offered alternative medication. 

Nehawu promises healthcare sector strike will go ahead

Health Nehawu promises healthcare sector strike will go ahead

Following months of deadlocked negotiations with the health department, Nehawu is now pushing ahead with its plans to see a full-blown health sector strike.

Health Health experts call on mines to refocus on HIV, TB

Aspects of these programmes have taken a back seat in recent months due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Health No money to keep state clinics open 24 hours a day, Parliament hears

DA MP Evelyn Wilson said while most clinics were dysfunctional, the National Health Insurance would not succeed.

Health SA teens under 18 can now become bone marrow stem cell donors

Previously, teenagers had to wait until they were 18 to join the SA registry. Now they can join by following the exact same procedure as others would.

Covid-19 herd immunity: political pandering or realistic resolution?

Covid-19 Covid-19 herd immunity: political pandering or realistic resolution?

Experts have warned that politicians pushing the idea of herd immunity are selling a pipe dream, but they do, however, have slightly more positive news about the second wave of infections currently happening.

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