The Health Promotion Levy was introduced on 1 April 2018, and involves a tax of 2.1 cents per gram of sugar on all sweetened drinks.
The department says the baby was brought back to the hospital nine days after it was discharged.
More South Africans are choosing no- and low-calorie options, while Treasury is researching both the impact of sugar tax on consumption and job losses.
The baby’s father says he feared the severity of the break could result in a permanent disability when the baby grew older.
To add to your everyday flu remedies, here are some additional hacks to alleviate your symptoms.
From boosting your immune system to fighting Alzheimer’s disease, this allium vegetable has been revered since ancient times for good reason.

Health HPCSA concerned about unregistered people dispensing medicine

The council warned practitioners to refrain from employing unregistered practitioners as this is in contravention of the Health Professions Act.

Health SA could face ‘national health crisis’ if nursing shortage is not addressed

The ratio of nursing staff to the population in the public health care sector is currently one nurse per 401 people. 

Health With dementia cases set to triple, WHO issues guide to cut risk

Dementia is caused by a variety of brain illnesses that affect memory, thinking, behaviour and the ability to perform everyday activities.

Health African Swine Fever outbreak reported in Heilbron, Free State

In order to prevent the spread of ASF, pig buyers have been warned to ‘make sure [they] buy pigs only from reputable owners’.

Health Crimean–Congo fever detected in North West patient

He saw some redness on his skin on April 30 and consulted a private hospital in Potchefstroom.

Health WATCH: Thousands of beds rust outside Baragwanath hospital

The man who came across the scene expresses his shock at what seems to be unbelievable waste of state resources.

Health North West province welcomes 13 health specialists

The newly appointed specialists are working for Klerksdorp-Tshepong Tertiary Hospital Complex.

Health Prioritise your mental well-being to beat the work burnout blues

Relying solely on your organisation to improve your work life isn’t enough to achieve real wellness, your happiness also depends on you.

Health South African Nursing Council, health department need to align to resolve training crisis – Solidarity

South Africa is apparently experiencing critical problems with the training of nurses.

Health UN report warns of disastrous consequences of antibiotic resistance

This follows an alarming South African study which shows that doctors and nurses are prescribing antibiotics unnecessarily.

Health NGOs hail US’s about-turn on HIV funding in SA

Citing the poor performance of SA’s HIV programme, the US President’s Emergency Fund for Aids Relief earlier threatened to slash funding.

Health PSA slams ‘inhumane conditions’ for mental-health patients at Dr George Mukhari hospital

The general manager calls on the department of labour to urgently inspect the hospital ‘to prevent injuries or loss of life’.

Health Limpopo trains nurses, but ‘too broke’ to employ them

Denosa in Limpopo said yesterday it was ironic that the department was broke when it had the second-biggest budget in the province.

Health Doctors at hospital in Limpopo perform successful open-heart surgery

The procedure is the first and most complicated one to be performed in any public hospital in Limpopo since 1996.

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