Health dept leaves 2,600 young doctors in limbo… again
With a little over a month before the start of their community service, the graduate doctors are still in the dark about where in the country they will be placed.
Two-Step, Green Leaf sachets for cockroaches and flies, Aldicarb, liquid poison mixtures, slug granules and insecticide chalk sticks are some of the products to be particularly careful with.
The hospital has been receiving water frequently from tanks and the maternity section and theatres have been closed, with only walk-ins being treated at the facility.
The hearing will be held at the Dawid Kruiper Local Municipality’s Toll Speelman Hall from 10am.
With a number of hospitals said to have long-term acting CEOs and some without, Masuku said they would be on the hunt to fill these vacancies.
DA’s Bloom pans many deaths, poor care in Gauteng hospitals
Bloom was most concerned about the 2,307 recorded deaths of newborn babies and 238 maternal deaths.

3,832 deaths in Gauteng hospitals were ‘largely avoidable’, DA claims

Jack Bloom says that despite the high number of serious adverse events, only 77 cases were referred for disciplinary action.

Traditional healers have a bone to pick with NHI

They claimed the government had ignored their role as traditional leaders, despite the fact that people were dying in hospitals.

Life Healthcare Group suspends Peter Beale following allegations of negligence

10-year-old Zayyaan Sayed died this month after a routine operation by Beale, in one of many cases of negligence.

Food costs stunt children, bind them to poverty – Economic Justice and Dignity

Food costs stunt children, bind them to poverty – Economic Justice and Dignity

Lead researcher Mervyn Abrahams said proper development of the human body depended on receiving sufficient nutrients.

‘Bad-mannered doctor’: Patients tell horror stories about suspended surgeon Dr Beale

Following the death of 10-year-old Zayyaan Sayed, many more parents have told their stories.

Foundation helps to rebuild children’s smiles

Foundation helps to rebuild children’s smiles

The Smile Foundation, together with Wits Surgical Society, provides life-changing, all-expenses-paid, specialised surgeries for children.

100,000 submissions on NHI Bill received

Questions have been raised about how the National Health Insurance Bill will be financed and whether SA can afford it.

No clarity on settlement in case of elderly woman who was tied to Mamelodi Hospital bench

The SAHRC says there is a settlement proposal before them for consideration, but that neither party has signed it.

Meningitis case confirmed at North West University

A fourth-year student was admitted to a local hospital, which confirmed the case of bacterial meningitis on Tuesday morning.

About 6,000 patients waiting for surgery at Gauteng hospitals

Transplant patients can expect to wait up to three years, while others can wait between six and 12 months.

Parktown paediatric surgeon being probed after death of another child

An anaesthetist, Dr Abdulhay Munshi, has also been suspended along with Dr Peter Beale.

No listeriosis outbreak, says NICD as it distances itself from media reports

The institute says the 87 laboratory-confirmed listeriosis cases reported are below the expected range.

Newborn ‘abandoned’ in empty house by distressed mother is rescued

The mother had delivered the baby in an empty house where she had gone into distress, and with no medical attention, was unable to attend to her newborn baby.

Twenty-one deaths in new listeriosis cases not a cause for panic – NICD

The institute says it is investigating 61 cases out of 87 confirmed cases reported in SA.

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