SABC staff and their union appear concerned at how the public broadcaster has dealt with the virus, but the the SABC board calls the accusations ‘false and alarmist’.
The grim reality of a global undersupply of ventilators means many who could have been saved by being placed on one, will die.
Another SABC staff member has contracted the coronavirus, a staff communique confirmed on Saturday afternoon.
The department has launched a digital platform called e-Recruitment to facilitate this process in an effort to beef up their capacity to deal with the anticipated rise in the number of people testing positive for Covid-19 on the province.
A Medical Support SA button in an innovative app links users directly to a centralised National Operations Centre where agents are working to assist in qualifying and directing callers to the correct Covid-19 facilities or sources of information.
Chinese experts have previously reported it may be possible that so-called ‘vertical transmission’ from pregnant mothers to babies can occur.

Health Sadag is here to help manage your mental health during Covid-19

Sadag has assured citizens it is there to offer help and support to South Africans who feel scared, confused, anxious and overwhelmed. 

Covid-19 Covid-19 could become seasonal, says expert

There are currently two vaccines that have entered human trials, but they could be more than a year away from deployment.

Health We have a plan to curb spread of ‘dire’ virus in informal settlements, says Sisulu

The briefing followed an announcement from President Cyril Ramaphosa that he was implementing a national lockdown due to the coronavirus.

Covid-19 Coronavirus infections jump to 709, says Mkhize, adding ‘taxis will be parked for three weeks’

The health minister warned this week that South Africans should brace themselves for continued news of steady increase before the lockdown measures have an effect.

Covid-19 If we contain everyone, it should allow people to shed the virus – Mkhize

With the flu season on its way, the health minister also encouraged people, especially the elderly, to get vaccinated to ensure a limited impact of influenza.

Covid-19 Figures suggest SA men are more vulnerable to Covid-19

Almost two-thirds of cases in the country currently involve men.

Covid-19 EC health dept takes over beach lodge after coronavirus-positive traveller joins tour group – report

The provincial health department reportedly said they were ‘baffled’ at how the tourist was allowed to travel.

Covid-19 Covid-19 cases in SA increase to 402

There has been a massive jump of 128 since yesterday.

Covid-19 SA’s patient zero gets sent home

He was cleared of the coronavirus along with three of the province’s other Covid-19 patients. 

What you need to know about Covid-19

Covid-19 What you need to know about Covid-19

About 82% of cases are mild – patients only experience a slight fever, fatigue and a cough.

Big win for medical teachers, finally recognised as having scarce skills

Courts Big win for medical teachers, finally recognised as having scarce skills

The Constitutional Court has refused the MEC for health leave to appeal a 2018 ruling that the staff in question were eligible for the allowance.

Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic is not caused or spread by pets

Urging people not to abandon animals because of the Hong Kong incident, NSPCA executive director Marcelle Meredith said neither pets nor farm animals could pass on Covid-19 to humans.

Family endures 10 hours of hell at ‘coronavirus hospital’ in Joburg

Covid-19 Family endures 10 hours of hell at ‘coronavirus hospital’ in Joburg

One of Gauteng’s flagship provincial hospitals left much to be desired, according to the Latchman family.

Covid-19 Coronavirus cases in South Africa jump to 274

The Eastern Cape has recorded its first case of coronavirus.

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