Child malnutrition may be worsening under the national lockdown, as food parcels fail to cater for child nutrition, a local civil organisation has claimed.
The health minister and his advisers briefed the country on what comes next for the health sector and the country in level 3 of lockdown.
To date, a total of 1,751 facilities have been identified as proposed sites, representing more than 129,600 beds across the country.
She was reportedly moved to an isolation ward after displaying some symptoms similar to those for Covid-19, but did not get food for three days as staff refused to have contact with her.
The province’s health MEC says the province’s economy and transport system are too integrated for a region-by-region approach to easing lockdown regulations.
This year’s figure is a sharp increase from the R631.4 million underspent by the department in the last financial year. 
‘Emerging hotspots’ might remain at level 4 in June

Breaking News ‘Emerging hotspots’ might remain at level 4 in June

While there is no need to keep certain areas at level 4, other areas might need to stay at that classification for a while longer in order to curb infection rates.

Business News Coronavirus delivers R943m revenue blow to Netcare as people delay their treatments

People lack confidence to return to hospitals for planned surgery, especially with the increased number of Covid-19 patients being admitted.

Covid-19 SAMRC clears Glenda Gray of wrongdoing after she called lockdown rules ‘nonsense’

All parties in the spat were advised to settle their differences for the good of the country.

Health More high-profile figures defend Prof Glenda Gray

The council’s board has reportedly apologised for comments made by Gray regarding the government’s apparent handling of its lockdown advice.

Covid-19 Lockdown in numbers since beginning of Level 5

South Africa currently has 22,583 Covid-19 cases, with 11,100 recoveries, as the country gears up to move down to Level 3. 

Health Psychiatric patients account for most assaults on hospital staff

George Mukhari hospital had the most assaults, with 10 attacks, including one where three security guards were bitten by a psychiatric patient.

Covid-19 Ramaphosa calls on citizens to play their part as lockdown level eases

President Cyril Ramaphosa says South Africa is now at risk of even more coronavirus infections as it prepares to gear down to alert Level 3 of the lockdown.

Health Staff, patients test positive for Covid-19 at another Durban hospital

On Friday, DA MPL Rishigen Viranna said officials at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital confirmed four patients and six staff members were infected.

Covid-19 Here’s what the many different models predict about Covid-19

A week ago many were complaining about the lack of published models by government to explain Covid-19 decision-making.

Health Enough ICU beds ‘could be difference between life and virus death’

South Africa could see Covid-19 related deaths reaching 3,551 by the end of June, and over ten times that figure by the end of August this year.

Health Gauteng plans ward-based Covid-19 response team to focus on hot spots

Premier David Makhura said while hot spots had started in the suburbs when it first hit the province, they were now moving to CBDs and townships.

Health Tygerberg’s Covid-19 ICU beds situation ‘shouldn’t be seen in isolation’

The health department said while Tygerberg, as of Thursday, had 23 patients in its ICU, in the broader province, it had 150 ICU beds in central and regional hospitals.

Business Insight Actuary tells Mkhize the lockdown has achieved nothing but making the country poorer

Nick Hudson and his team maintain there should be far fewer deaths in SA than current models about Covid-19 are projecting, and one of the reasons is probably that more people are already effectively immune than we are accounting for.

Health Western Cape ‘may reach ICU beds threshold as early as June’

The consortium’s presentations further highlighted that the Eastern Cape is currently on a pessimistic trajectory in terms of current detected cases.

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