The Department of Water and Sanitation has warned that unless the rising temperatures are curbed by heavy downpours in coming months, municipalities countrywide could be forced to introduce water restrictions.
An offender said he just wanted to send his “first born to school so that he could get education. I wanted him to have the opportunity which I was denied as a child”.
While the shop was destroyed, the blaze was contained and was stopped from spreading to the surrounding vegetation.
Nearly the entire pod of 460 long-finned pilot whales stuck in Macquarie Harbour — on the rugged and sparsely populated west coast of Tasmania — has now perished.
Community member Darrel Robson said he feared for the impending rainy season because it would increase the flow of sewerage into the dam.
Frack! Gwede not only wants to nuke SA’s energy
Nothing is off the table as far as South Africa’s energy needs go, with Gwede Mantashe recently singing the praises of nuclear and the Council of Geoscience (CGS) trumpeting its launch of phase two of a planned fracking project in Beaufort West

Environment 1,000-year-old big tree site in Tsitsikamma revived by Tourism dept

The Department of Tourism pumped R17 million of funding into the project as a way to improve the park and bringing it on par with international tourist attraction standards.

Environment Two endangered Javan rhino calves spotted in Indonesian park

After years of population decline, the arrival of the new calves brings the total number of the rare mammals to 74.

Environment Big surprise as black mamba ends up in hamster cage

The snake was about 1.1m long, healthy and had an obvious bulge. It will be released into the wild.

Ex-naval officer to row 7,000km from Cape to Rio to raise awareness for renewable energy

Environment Ex-naval officer to row 7,000km from Cape to Rio to raise awareness for renewable energy

Zirk Botha will leave Cape Town in December, and row alone in his boat, ‘Ratel’, for an estimated 100 days until he reaches the shores of Rio de Janeiro. He will rely solely on solar power throughout the journey.

Pics: Safe haven to run with the wolves

Environment Pics: Safe haven to run with the wolves

The All Hearts Foundation cares for a pack of wolves and educates people on why they shouldn’t have them as pets. They also allow you to get up close with these animals, as well as a horse, sheep, parrots, pigs and some other furries.

Environment SA study busts US claims that solar systems kill one bird per minute

An ecologist has conducted South Africa’s first study on birdlife around the Khi Solar One plant tower near Upington, and found that birds are not dying as much as previously thought.

Future of SA’s water supply under threat

Environment Future of SA’s water supply under threat

Dwindling Vaal Dam water levels and continued water leaks are putting immeasurable strain on South Africa’s already water scarce status.

Environment NSPCA media statement gets cagey response from Mpumalanga zoo

The NSPCA does not want to fight, explaining their view on the zoo is not personal, but that the association will always speak up when it comes to welfare. The zoo sees the statement as ‘economic sabotage’.

Environment Zim govt does about-turn, bans mining in all national parks

Zimbabwe’s Parks and Wildlife Act of 2014 allows for mining in national parks in the country, if permits have been granted by the minister of mines or the president. 

Environment Emotion vs science: Rogue baboon causes drama in Cape Town

FREE TO READ: Due to Kataza or SK11’s shenanigans, it was decided that he be relocated to the northern sub-population of Tokai. But activists say he is lost and needs to be relocated with his original troop.

Chinese coal exploration  in Zimbabwe to proceed, despite ‘serious environmental implications’

Africa Chinese coal exploration in Zimbabwe to proceed, despite ‘serious environmental implications’

A rhino conservation NGO has warned that the only Zimbabweans to benefit will be low-wage ‘general hands’, with the Chinese employees to receive most of the benefit, while SustiGlobal say they don’t think a coal mining permit has been granted, as the second phase must still take place.

Environment ‘A vulture crisis could mean a human crisis’, wildlife experts warn

Vulture numbers are dwindling fast in southern Africa, and a world without vultures means a disease-ridden, foul-smelling planet, as these creatures are vital to preventing disease outbreaks.

Environment Capsized ship that killed 6,000 cows renews calls to halt live animal exports 

NSPCA inspectors have witnessed ‘abhorrent cruelty’ since the High Court ruling, but refuse to give up on the 50,000 sheep destined for the Middle East.

China invades Zim’s Hwange National Park to explore for coal

Africa China invades Zim’s Hwange National Park to explore for coal

NPO Bhejane Trust confirmed the Chinese nationals found in the park were drilling core samples for coal, and they fear that coal mining would seal the fate of the area’s wildlife and tourism industry.

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