The crabs were from Mozambique and were destined for Hong Kong, but the flight was cancelled and the shipment forgotten.
Science is the only hope for the northern white rhino after the death last year of the last male, named Sudan.
Brazil’s president attributes the fires to increased drought, and accuses environmental groups and NGOs of whipping up an ‘environmental psychosis’ to harm Brazil’s economic interests.
Matimba and his ‘wife’, Tamu, were taken in by the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre to provide them a good home for their retirement years.
Skins are the single most frequently seized tiger part, but growing role breeding centres play in fuelling the illegal tiger trade, especially in Southeast Asia, is also concerning.
Currently, British stores rely greatly on plastic to ship, store and sell items, but shops including big supermarket chains are trying to change that.

Sterilise your cats, kitten season is here

Although cats breed throughout the year, there are more cases of female cats going on heat as spring nears.

IN PICS – The killing of the once-scenic Hennops River

It would most likely take decades of hard work and community intervention for life to return to its ever-flowing stream.

Clean up your toxic ‘air-pocalypse’, global climate experts tell govt

Mpumalanga is among the worst nitrogen dioxide pollution hotspots in the world, as well as the second-worst global hotspot for sulphur dioxide.

Durban to join annual global clean-up effort

The initiative, which has run for over two decades, forms part of an international effort to collect and document the rubbish littering the world’s coastlines.

Historic win for African elephants at CITES Conference

Wild elephants are no longer allowed to be removed from the wild to be exported to captive facilities.

Kriel in Mpumalanga now the second highest SO2 emissions hotspot in the world

The area’s high levels of pollution are a direct result of a concentration of coal power plants there, a new study found.

Joburg Zoo threatens to sue animal rights group over ‘distressed’ elephants video

Several elephant experts have weighed in on the elephant’s behaviour.

Gay penguins adopt egg after trying to hatch stone

The egg came from another pair who have damaged their eggs in the past.

WATCH: Discovery captures jaw-dropping footage of great white sharks hunting in Plettenberg Bay

Plettenberg Bay is one of the only places in the world where one can stand on land and view great whites in their natural habitat.

What the Appeal Court’s fracking judgment means

Given the water scarcity of the Karoo, the contamination of the groundwater may, in particular, be disastrous’.

London university bans beef to tackle climate change

A university in London is taking meat off the menu in the on-campus eateries.

PICS: Rare ‘golden’ leopard caught on camera in Mpumalanga

An erythristic leopard was recently captured on camera eating a giraffe carcass, a sighting that is extremely rare.

Beached humpback whale euthanised near Jeffreys Bay

‘The 11-metre humpback whale was found to be in a poor condition and suffering,’ Janse van Rensburg said in a statement.

SANParks announces 14th annual National Parks Week

Members of the public are urged to note that free access to parks does not include accommodation or tourist activities.

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