‘This is the time for you to act,’ Barbara Creecy told.
The lion cub was already habituated to humans and would have been unable to fend for itself in the wild, it says.
Green economy can create jobs, save environment – experts
However, environmental justice should not take precedence over mitigating social inequality, the researchers warned.
By failing to ensure ‘coal mining companies do not commit such environmental crimes’, the dept of water ‘was violating people’s basic human right of access to quality water’.
Word has not got through to the hundreds of families who throng India’s longest urban beach, letting children happily skip in the toxin-filled froth.
Economists and environmental experts have warned the 2020 launch of one of South Africa’s biggest coal-fired stations, Medupi, could result in a climate and economic catastrophe.

IN PICTURES: Extinction Rebellion takes climate struggle to JSE

The group organised a protest outside the JSE on Black Friday to demonstrate the seriousness of pursuing a carbon-based economy.

Global climate protests kick off in smoke-covered Sydney

The protests have taken on extra urgency in Australia, as drought and unseasonably hot, dry and windy conditions have fuelled the unprecedented bushfires.

Whale carcass removed from fishing nets and released into deep sea

The carcass was later towed to the deep sea where it was released.

How the Mother City recycles its plastic

Despite some challenges, the City claims that public recycling programmes in Cape Town have processed more than 589,000 tons of plastic since their start in 2004.

Cape firefighters get ready for battle as fire season approaches

14,500 wildfires were recorded across the province in the year to end-March this year, with over forty deaths recorded since October 2018.

Baby giraffe rescue a first for Limpopo-based rhino orphanage

A days-old giraffe calf was found abandoned and in bad shape, but thanks to expert care, love, and a new furry best friend, Jazz is making good progress.

A hassle-free guide to saving water everyday

South Africa is experiencing a drought with only sporadic rain in some parts of the country expected throughout summer.

Tragedy as ‘surprise’ endangered pangolin pup doesn’t survive second night

According to Lourens, if a pup is born too early, their lungs are underdeveloped, which results in them only surviving between 24 and 48 hours.

The ‘dead Dusi’: What’s being done to resurrect it, and other rivers

Durban-Pietermaritzburg river pollution is a microcosm of nationwide water pollution control failures.

WATCH: Heavy rains wash piles of litter onto KZN beaches

A clean up operation is being organised for Saturday as the mangroves suffocate under a mountain of plastic and waste.

Prince Harry’s charity takes 17 SA black rhinos to Malawi

The operation began on Monday with an eight-hour drive from South Africa’s Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife game reserve.

GALLERY: Dirty Hennops River catches a breather with trash-catching nets

About 250 tons of trash have already been taken out of the Hennops River, while a tree-catching net has now also been installed.

SA government must choose between flying or eating, says drought-stricken farmers

The SAA has been bailed out several times in the past while food security is becoming increasingly more urgent.

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