How SA can cut road freight’s huge carbon footprint
Road freight traffic is projected to increase to one million freight vehicles on our roads by 2050, an expert says.
Conditions include a revised environmental management plan and site layout.
An invasive fruit fly species in the Northern Cape has been successfully eradicated, the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development said on Monday.
Police say anyone with information about the suspects is requested to contact Detective Warrant Officer Van Heerden at 082 4142337, the nearest Police Station or the Crime stop number 08600 10111.
Unlike the Prius wannabe, Stubby is all-electric and will do about 120km with a top speed of 60km/h on a 100% charge – and won’t collapse Eskom.
Lone pupil demonstrates for govt to act on climate change
‘I am putting my education on hold to fight for the future robbed from us,’ Parktown High School for Girls matric pupil Raeesah Noor-Mahomed says.

You’d have to be high not to get why hemp is so amazing

The fight against the stigma surrounding cannabis in SA, for medicinal, recreational or industrial use, still has a long way to go, causing us to lag behind.

Rain brings joy for Australian firefighters, farmers

With huge tracts of their habitats destroyed, environmental groups have warned the blazes could drive many species to extinction.

Oceans were hottest on record in 2019

The past five years are the five hottest years for the ocean, the study found.

Help SA climate activist Ayakha Melithafa join Greta Thunberg in Davos

The 17-year-old has launched a crowdfunding campaign to cover her and her mother’s costs on her trip to the World Economic Forum, but time is running out.

Australian ‘megablaze’ brought under control

The climate-change-fuelled fires have prompted an international outpouring and donations from around the world to help communities and animal populations.

Alert: Deadly pufferfish wash up on Southern Coast beaches

Mossel Bay Municipality has been receiving reports of pufferfish washing up along our coastline. This seems to be happening on beaches from Port Elizabeth to Mossel Bay.

4.6-metre Southern African Python found near Ladysmith after eating a goat

Snake expert Fanie Cilliers was called out by Esidakeni residents.

Bushfires bring fears of ‘new normal’ to life Down Under

A grim summer of fire and smoke has sullied Australia’s outdoorsy and healthy image, and left many fearful for the future.

Why CapeNature allowed this croc to be shot after it scared the kids

A group of children swimming in the Gouritz River got the shock of their lives this December.

SANParks cracks down on rhino poachers, seven arrested

SANParks CEO Fundisile Mketeni called on residents to co-operate with the authorities by providing information that would aid with this campaign.

From Thor to Fleabag, stars dig deep for Australian bushfire relief

Social media stars and sporting champions are splashing the cash for Australian bushfire relief efforts and urging fans to do the same.

Peru to plant one million trees around Machu Picchu

The area is at risk of mudslides due to heavy rainfall in winter and forest fires in summer.

Burned tigers, rescued kangaroos: Beware of Australia bushfire disinformation

As deadly blazes tear across southeastern Australia, false or deliberately misleading images and claims have proliferated online.

2020 KZN community beach clean-ups kick off this weekend

KZN Beach Clean Up will host their first clean-up for 2020 on Saturday morning at Battery Beach Road in Durban.

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