Scientists have found that fish caught by small scale commercial fishers in Kalk Bay are contaminated.
The whale was ‘entangled in two wraps of fishing rope around her body and trailing fishing rope attached to two floatation buoys’.
The wildlife charity’s CEO Howard Jones said public support was now needed more than ever.
The initiative aims to link the private sector with national authorities and local communities for conservation-compatible investments that deliver sustainable economic and ecological benefits.
The matter first appeared in the Clanwilliam Regional Court in March 2018, culminating in the fine being meted out on Friday.
About 300 young people want government to take ‘immediate action on the climate crises’.

Environment Plett residents band together to fight against plastic pollution

Residents managed to pick up an astounding 666 cigarette butts, 329 food wrappers, 190 bottle caps, 91 straws, 112 glass bottles and pieces, and more than a thousand plastic bags.

Environment Brace yourself for the upcoming strawberry full moon

The next full moon is known alternately as the Strawberry Moon, Mead Moon, Honey Moon, or Rose Moon and is set to hit a sky near you from Monday.

Environment Kruger National Park to demolish artificial dams to ensure fish livelihood

The park harbours over 40 fish species, and the artificial redundant dams have become a hindrance to their migration and livelihood.

Environment No reward for info on SA activist’s murder, says million-making Aussie company

The executive director of MRC, which has made R130 million from mining SA’s Wild Coast, says there will be no financial assistance for those who can provide info on Sikhosiphi Rhadebe’s murder.

Environment We must ‘keep the lights on’, says Creecy in response to Mpumalanga pollution lawsuit

The minister also says she would have liked time to ‘apply her mind’ to the problem as she has only been in office for 14 days.

Environment Zimbabwe demands right to sell R4.45-billion of ivory to fund game reserves

Zimbabwe has demanded the right to sell its stockpile of ivory to raise money for conservation, wildlife authorities said Tuesday, joining other southern African nations in calling for the global ban on the trade in tusks to be relaxed.

Environment UK movement protesting climate change spreads to SA

Local Extinction Rebellion leader Chloë Menteath details how the social movement will operate in South Africa.

Environment Extinction Rebellion comes to SA

Extinction Rebellion (XR) is a social movement protesting against the lack of action to stop climate change.

Environment South Africa joins world in celebrating World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day has a history spanning over two decades and was originally proposed in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Environment WATCH: Curious hippo’s friend request rejected by irritated rhinos

The ranger who shot the rare footage says he did not sense any hostility in the interaction, with more confusion than aggression displayed.

Environment Disney announces The Lion King ‘Protect the Pride’ campaign

The campaign focuses on protecting and revitalising lion populations and the habitats they need to thrive.

Environment Coca-Cola celebrates milestone in plastic recycling

The beverage giant confirms it has collected and recycled more PET plastic than what was produced in the South African market.

Environment Humans consume ‘tens of thousands’ of plastic pieces each year

They found that an adult male could expect to ingest up to 52,000 microplastic particles each year. 

Environment Whale carcass washes ashore at inaccessible spot near Cape Town harbour

The carcass of a 10-metre humpback whale has washed ashore south of the Black River mouth near the Cape Town harbour, the City of Cape Town said on Wednesday.

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