May we who have jobs continue to put more effort into our output – there are millions who would trade places with us in a heartbeat.
In Soweto, the installation of prepaid meters has often been met with violence. It will take more than Sona to change attitudes.
There’s another wedding anniversary looming and I dare not forget it.
This week, we look at two more layers of safety. There are hundreds of things we can do to keep ourselves safe.
The only way to disempower the effects of phrases such as ‘land thieves’ is to revisit our history, genuinely look its effects on our social and political fabrics, and accept that history.
The day in Maputo was like looking into the future of a country looking to the future, building and creating and growing against all odds.

Understanding tax implications involved in South Africans wanting to emigrate

South Africans who emigrate need to prove that they are no longer resident in SA if they want to be treated as a non-resident for tax purposes.

Columns What was this Sona before our eyes?

Was this water for our parched throats? Or was it just another politically conjured mirage?

Columns Furore over ‘Beast’ is a storm in a teacup

Mtawarira doesn’t attack De Villiers’ character in his now delayed autobiography, he delivers a professional opinion.

Columns Criticising Ramaphosa for dreaming is ill-informed – Sona is about vision

The president used his address to show that he’s in control. But does he have what it takes to win?

Columns I’ve become paranoid about raising a girl in SA

The realities are, women and children are vulnerable targets, abused, raped and taken advantage of.

Columns Ramaphosa’s Sona is his Rubicon

If Ramaphosa wants to leave a legacy as the leader SA deserved, he should get to the crux of the matter, even if his approach wins him few friends.

Columns Most of us are real jerks… but we can change that

A small act of kindness or even just a smile can go a long way towards making our world a better place.

Columns Parents, you have to rein in your children

Parents must take responsibility for their children – government can only do so much. We need to take back our classrooms and schools.

Columns We hope for wise decisions in Gauteng city politics

Compromise is necessary in the two big Gauteng metros. But there must also be a line beyond which principle cannot be bent.

Columns Books bin all the bad bananas

The sight of books brings calmness to a soul sick to death of a country wracked with crime and corruption.

Columns Busi Mkhwebane’s crocodile tears won’t help her

In the end, the tough questions will come, like how does an advocate miss that her report is unconstitutional?

Columns Not all men know it all

But don’t for one second forget we are not all idiots.

Columns On Guard: Layers of safety … how is your knowledge and awareness?

The focus in personal protection should not be on fighting. It should always be about not getting hurt.

Columns It’s ‘God’s chosen’ Mkhwebane vs ‘Mr Clean’ Ramaphosa

One could have a R500K campaign donation unseating a president whose predecessor remains legally unscathed, despite literally billions stolen.

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