The ANC knows what’s standing in its way to fix the system, but it seems powerless to fight them.
If our government is serious about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, why don’t the majority of schools have computer teachers and computer labs?
Remember that in these classrooms, there may be pupils whose parents cannot read or write. The teacher remains the sole pillar of educational dreams.
It appears that our school maths outcomes have taken hold in our official statistics agency, but it’s not all bad news.
There could be links to electricity blackouts. Our politicians have yet to be cleared of allegations of dodgy energy dealings.
For some weird reason, toilets are targeted by none other than the users. Seats are smashed, cisterns ripped out, leaving no water to do the job.

Columns The public protector has a problem, indeed

In her pursuing an old case against Pravin Gordhan when Eskom needs all hands on deck, it is easy to think she’s part of a Zuma fightback plan.

Columns Say ‘hello cruel world’… and get cracking

Most of the world’s top scientists, entrepreneurs, and artists started life this way.

Columns What the EFF and ANC can learn from the desert people

They should send a fact-finding delegation up north on how to ward against partying today, starving tomorrow.

Columns Mosquitoes follow me around like well-trained pets

Insects are not doing well on planet Earth, but mozzies are still doing great feasting on my blood.

Editorials Construction thugs must be dealt with

The construction experts say the violence has already scared off a large international firm who decided the business was not worth the risk to its staff.

Editorials We’ll stay hopeful, but cynical, Eskom

Thank you, Eskom, for making South Africa the most hopeful nation on Earth.

Columns The ANC’s most humiliating week yet

It was forced to publicly concede the country faced an unprecedented crisis, caused partly by saboteurs within the ranks of its own party.

Columns Getting away from it all…

I dabbled in the camping world this month, despite my lack of outdoorsy skills.

Columns Orchids and Onions – Clever marketing in some election campaigns

An awesome Onion for DNA Brand Architects … and one to Volvo for good measure, for allowing shotgun PR to happen.

Opinion You’re probably using the term ‘slay queen’ wrong

The term originated in the LGBTIQ community and was intended to positively affirm those who are ‘slaying’.

Columns Let’s go on election day and make a cross – or not

Withholding your vote is as much a democratic tool as supporting the party of your choice is. Hell, even a spoilt vote is a way to express your beliefs!

Columns It’s that time again when the kakistocracy tells us how much they care

The country’s professional leeches have been rolling out their charm offensives over the past few months.

Columns Stop ignoring truths and facts in run-up to election

If you vote for Ramaphosa, believing he is a change agent, you are in denial. Much like ANC supporters.

Columns The ANC is way past its sell-by date

That this election is vital – a watershed, in fact – for a country hijacked by criminals in every facet of its infrastructure, is obvious.




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