And I would rather have seen Shell, as a mark of respect to Nkosikho Mbele, giving its lowly-paid attendants a nice Christmas bonus.
The Freedom of Expression Institute is living out the liberal war cry of ‘Give me freedom of expression or give me death’.
The government should build its own infrastructure, hire its own security guards, cleaners and maintenance people, and buy its own supplies directly.
Bra Ace, it seems the people have little appreciation for your ideas on economic reform.
The ANC knows it was in charge for 22 years and doesn’t have a leg to stand on.
South Africa would be far richer if it wasn’t for government constantly ratcheting up prices on the things we can’t avoid paying for.

Columns C’mon Shell, this guy’s life may be on reserve, let’s just fill it up

Let’s cut the PR and come through for the guy who poured petrol for a stranger when she needed it the most.

Editorials Time can’t erase need for justice

Undoubtedly, it will be cruel to subject an old man to the trial – but it would be even more cruel to deny justice to Timol’s relatives.

Columns The myth of sport uniting SA

Our nation, like all others, is a myth that does not exist outside of what one author calls ‘the common imagination of human beings’.

Columns Ganging up on parliament

In the run-up to elections they could’ve come up with catchy slogans such as, ‘Poo to Pravin’.

Opinion Ramaphosa’s power within ANC NEC questioned as infighting rumours intensify

If there is truth behind the rumours of a three-way NEC and a three-way top six, politically this would render Ramaphosa the weakest ANC president to date.

Columns On Guard: It’s a choice

There are only three human reactions to any life-threatening situation!

Editorials Varsity report is of grave concern

The worrying aspect about this is that law graduates – and many others – are being sent out into the world unable to think critically.

Columns EFF must tread carefully

The EFF has vowed to keep Mkhwebane in office, despite the continued embarrassment her shoddy work brings to that office.

Editorials Proteas are maybe not good enough

A third straight loss for South Africa would all but end their hopes of reaching the semifinals.

Columns The day I fell from a pedestal

With my Tiggy Wiggy, I went from hero to zero not because of a teacher, but because of one simple little blood test.

Opinion Errant judges must be brought to book

It is disturbing that this practice has been red-flagged by the Royal Court in Jersey for allegedly facilitating money laundering.

Editorials Lesufi jumped the race gun

The MEC revealed his determination to pursue racism – even where none exists – with no regard to the consequences.

Columns Here’s a bit of education everyone could benefit from, Lesufi

Out walking the dogs the other day, I had a revelation.

Columns I asked when she was due … but she wasn’t pregnant

I know the rule: unless explicitly told someone is pregnant, say nothing. Not a word.

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