Both embody the selfless commitment to doing the right thing, to make the world a better place.
If the Huawei action leads to greater choice and freedom for consumers, how bad can that be?
We have sympathy for Ramaphosa, because he must watch for the pushback from those loyal to Jacob Zuma.
We have a duty to care for the only home we have – and we must not shirk that duty.
With Dennis Earp’s passing this week, another of those links with the past was broken.
Lauda was living, walking, driving proof of the power of the human mind and spirit.

Editorials Stop the abuse of power in parly

It is only you, our representatives, who can stop that happening.

Editorials Mkhwebane must just go now

She is a real threat to justice.

Editorials Problems run deep for Chiefs

This is the fourth season in a row that Chiefs have ended a season empty-handed.

Editorials Businesses that are bad for business

The South African government is proposing to restrict Airbnb, and there have been complaints.

Editorials Illegal tobacco trade on the rise in SA

Much of the control over tobacco collapsed in tandem with the gutting of Sars by its former commissioner.

Editorials Wits land dispute: In perpetuity loses its meaning

Many residents of Alex, who live in squalor, believe the land should be used for low-cost housing.

Editorials Maybe Sars has the right idea of how to bust SA’s gangsters

Reports that the taxman is gunning for some of the most corrupt in SA should be seen as quite welcome news.

Editorials Oh, don’t play the victim now, Ms Jiba

She and her accomplice Mrwebi were part of the team who defended Zuma by derailing or deflecting prosecutions.

Editorials The ANC leopard never changes its spots

The real problem is that Ramaphosa can’t act against these ‘problematic’ people without running the risk of being deposed himself.

Editorials You need to protect us from your cadres, ANC

The bizarre incident involving the Sars IT head is food for thought.

Editorials Learn a lesson from Rwanda

Some estimates put the genocide toll as high as 1 million people.

Editorials ANC would do well to heed Motlanthe’s advice

The former state president has been uncompromising in his view of how to reverse the rot.

Editorials Construction thugs must be dealt with

The construction experts say the violence has already scared off a large international firm who decided the business was not worth the risk to its staff.

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