We have to work to keep the bright people who are still here, because they are leaving at an alarming rate.
We have a responsibility as those who wield the weapon, mightier than the sword to document an unshakable truth.
The question that we must all ask as we celebrate Mandela Day today is: Where is SA after 25 years of democracy?
So, do you need to be fit to be able to fight? Or is that simply the wrong question?
Even if you must stand alone, stand for something you believe in and remained unmoved.
With his revelations about alleged apartheid spies, Zuma made the ground even more fertile for further divisions within the party.

Join the dots on Planet Zuma

You must have noticed how Zuma is never wrong. It’s always someone else’s fault. Google ‘Zuma blames’. You’ll have plenty to read.

That Juju cares for the poor is just trash

He could’ve instructed his idle bodyguards to make up parcels of these delicacies and place them in the blue bags, ready for hungry mouths to savour.

The civil servants who resisted are the real state capture heroes

These civil servants chose to do the right thing, even when no one was watching, even when their real reward was to be ostracised and hounded out of their jobs.

The lure of a good war movie

Nowadays, every second television series centres around the war on terror. But I have yet to discover who the kick-ass winners of this one will be.

A real recipe for disaster

Contrary to what many people believe – because the military are supposedly well-equipped and trained – the death toll will include soldiers.

We’re all global citizens

Growing up in South Africa – where I lived from the age of two – I was occasionally reminded I was not South African simply because of my birthplace.

South Africans’ optimism has shrivelled on the vine

The country is literally grinding to a halt.

Orchids and Onions – Duo of health ads, take a bow

The Onion goes to Windhoek Lager, for relying on automatic ‘programmatic’ digital advertising, which damages the brand.

The power of the hashtag is becoming apparent

For one, it forces SA’s notoriously conservative media audiences to consider the views of the progressive, young and woke South Africans.

The more things change …

It is only when you have a child that you get to know the wonderful fears of real, unconditional love.

On Guard: Layers of safety – boundaries and self-worth

Where is your ‘line in the sand’? When do you say, so far and no further?

Koloane owes the nation more than an apology

I am angered to think that Koloane – now rewarded with a plum diplomatic job – misused his position and office.

We need a shift in mindset

How can you maintain the law if you have no order to begin with? On paper we may have laws, but in reality we have a country that runs on autopilot.

Digging EFF trash is clickbait

Rummaging through politicians’ garbage, without any particular aim except besmirchment, is gutter journalism, scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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