But Carsmetic Surgeon’s unfunny sexism needs to be knifed.
What is sad about the Samwu debacle is that is appears to have been overlooked by the Registrar of Trade Unions as the looting went on.
Both embody the selfless commitment to doing the right thing, to make the world a better place.
For once, entering the tournament this week they’ll start as one of the underdogs with the bookmakers rating them as joint fourth favourites with New Zealand, behind England, India and Australia.
The difference between life and death in a sticky situation could come down to KNOWING what you know.
If the Huawei action leads to greater choice and freedom for consumers, how bad can that be?

Columns You are like unruly schoolgirls, EFF – enough larasa

If unruliness is the culture the EFF inculcates among its members, it is not setting a good example.

Editorials Turn words into action, Ramaphosa

We have sympathy for Ramaphosa, because he must watch for the pushback from those loyal to Jacob Zuma.

Columns My two-year-old’s brush with gender inequality

Have we entrenched gender inequality so deeply into our cultures that we teach it to two-year-olds at nursery schools, without questioning the foundations these stereotypes are built on?

Editorials Fines will stop dumping in SA

We have a duty to care for the only home we have – and we must not shirk that duty.

Editorials Lest we forget our war heroes

With Dennis Earp’s passing this week, another of those links with the past was broken.

Columns The Verwoerd school name change exposes our racial insanity

The people screaming loudest against the change appeared to know the least about what was actually going on.

Columns How the DA lost the black vote

The black leadership they have put before us is no more than window-dressing and these individuals have no real political clout.

Columns Was the election a stuff-up?

Election 2019 could have been far better organised.

Editorials Lauda was proof of the human spirit

Lauda was living, walking, driving proof of the power of the human mind and spirit.

Editorials Stop the abuse of power in parly

It is only you, our representatives, who can stop that happening.

Columns Carry on, doctor, if you must

I’m still alive and well on the mend.

Columns Ramaphosa’s big challenge is to show there are consequences for corruption

The ‘New Dawn’ needs to turn into actual daylight soon.

Columns Will elections posters still be smiling at us when load shedding hits again?

Those closest to the pap pot have set themselves some big targets.

Editorials Mkhwebane must just go now

She is a real threat to justice.

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