The death Friday occurred in the central city of Sirjan.
‘I can’t speak to what the president is trying to do but I think the effect is to be intimidating,’ Marie Yovanovitch said.
Democrats are aiming to settle the question of the US president’s impeachment before the end of the year.
Binface is running as an independent while Buckethead represents the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.
Teresa Cheng was ambushed by around a dozen masked demonstrators as she prepared to attend a speaking event on Thursday night in London.

The purrfect crime: Chinese pet detective seeks lost animals

China’s first pet detective has reunited around 1,000 missing pets with their owners since he launched his business seven years ago.

State of emergency declared in Venice as more floods expected

Many have blamed the disaster on global warming and warned that Italy must wake up to the risks posed by ever more volatile seasons.

Death toll in Australia bushfires rises to four

Native wildlife has also been badly hit by the bushfires, with conservationists estimating that hundreds of koalas have perished.

Catapults, flaming arrows: Hong Kong protesters’ medieval tech

Police accused protesters of turning the Chinese University of Hong Kong, one of the city’s most prestigious campuses, into a ‘weapons factory’.

Schools closed as protests put chokehold on Hong Kong

‘We’re not causing the problems, the troubles stem from the government,’ says a protester.

Ceasefire takes effect after spike in Israel-Gaza violence

Following the targeted killing of a top militant in Gaza, the two sides had been exchanging fire since Tuesday, and Israel’s military said it recorded more than 350 incoming rockets.

Climate change, corruption blamed for Venice flood devastation

President of the Veneto region Luca Zaia said 80 percent of the city had been submerged, causing ‘unimaginable damage’.

Chaos in Hong Kong as pro-democracy protests ‘blossom everywhere’

China has insisted it will not buckle to the pressure and warns of even tougher security measures.

WATCH: Methods of execution around the world

Videographic illustrating existing forms of execution around the world.

Donald Trump’s Ukrainian path to impeachment attempt

The impeachment hearings focus on whether Trump threatened to withhold military aid if Ukraine did not investigate Joe Biden.

Bolivia says death toll up to seven in post-election unrest

Senator Jeanine Anez has proclaimed herself acting president after Evo Morales was forced into exile after winning the country’s presidential election.

12 Palestinians killed following Israeli air strikes in Gaza

Israel launched deadly strikes against Islamic Jihad militants early Tuesday, triggering a wave of rocket salvoes and air strikes.

Mass pig slaughter stains South Korean river red

Pig cases are nearly always fatal and there is no antidote or vaccine.

Helicopter crashes during Australia bushfire operation

The helicopter crashed during waterbombing operations at the Pechey fire, and the pilot is in a stable condition.

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