Nambadia said the exhausted rescue team almost cracked emotionally when they found the climbers’ belongings, such as a toy penguin.
The US is currently the world’s biggest oil producer followed by Russia and Saudi Arabia.
‘I want to see [these] people prosper. I want to see the children who left to return,’ he told party supporters.
An official start date was expected to be agreed by heads of state on Sunday.
Two Americans and a Spaniard were hospitalised after being gored during northern Spain’s Pamplona bull-running festivities, local authorities said on Sunday.
Greek voters cast their ballots on Sunday in the country’s first national election of the post-bailout era, with leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s Syriza party expected to be ousted by the conservative opposition.

Iran threatens to abandon more nuclear commitments in ’60 days’

Iran threatened Sunday to abandon more commitments under a landmark nuclear agreement in ’60 days’ unless a solution is found with signatories to the endangered deal.

‘Dancing aunties’ spark new Hong Kong protest

Activists have called for a new protest on Sunday outside a controversial high-speed train terminus where part of the station is administered by Chinese mainland law.

North Korea says released Australian student was ‘spying’

An Australian student who was released after being held in North Korea had been “spying” in the reclusive country, state media said Saturday.

California hit by 7.1-magnitude quake, the strongest in two decades

Southern California was hit by a tremor that rattled residents who were already reeling from another strong quake a day earlier.

Dutch parliament adopts motion on SA land expropriation, says Solidarity

‘We will now also make sure that the Dutch government takes action in this regard,’ said Jaco Kleynhans, head of international liaison for the Solidarity Movement.

Tutankhamun relic sells for $6m in London despite Egyptian outcry

Christie’s decision to go ahead with the sale ‘contradicts international agreements and conventions,’ Egypt’s foreign ministry said on Wednesday.

As families flee Paris, fingers point at Airbnb

With apartments fetching on average 9,700 euros per square metre, many families have decamped to the suburbs or the provinces.

Condemnation as 40 killed in airstrike on Libya migrant centre

The strike ‘clearly could constitute a war crime’, says UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame.

US may halt military supplies to UAE after missiles delivered to Libya

The US department of defence is also currently investigating how the anti-tank missiles reached Libya.

Wall collapse kills 21 as monsoon chaos hits Mumbai

Mumbai’s streets regularly flood during the monsoon season, which runs from June until September or October.

18 dead, four missing in attack on Niger army camp

The attack reportedly took place on Monday afternoon at a camp at Inates on the border with Mali.

Asian markets stutter after rally, Hong Kong brushes off protests

The flare-up comes after weeks of massive demonstrations over a push to pass a bill that would allow extraditions to the mainland.

Iran ‘playing with fire’ after breaching nuclear deal limit, says Trump

The US withdrew from the nuclear deal last year and hit Iran with biting sanctions.

Trump returns to critics after historic North Korea stop

The US president walked a few paces across the demilitarised zone on Sunday to greet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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