The impeachment hearings focus on whether Trump threatened to withhold military aid if Ukraine did not investigate Joe Biden.
Senator Jeanine Anez has proclaimed herself acting president after Evo Morales was forced into exile after winning the country’s presidential election.
Israel launched deadly strikes against Islamic Jihad militants early Tuesday, triggering a wave of rocket salvoes and air strikes.
Pig cases are nearly always fatal and there is no antidote or vaccine.
The helicopter crashed during waterbombing operations at the Pechey fire, and the pilot is in a stable condition.
The new phase in the crisis, which aims to cause maximum disruption and stretch police resources, prompted police to warn on Tuesday the city was ‘on the brink of total collapse’.

Cirque du Soleil founder nabbed for ‘growing cannabis’ on his private island

Guy Laliberte reportedly uses cannabis for ‘medical’ and ‘strictly personal’ purposes and denied that he was growing the drug on his private island of Nukutepipi for commercial gain.

Cambodia’s brutal and shadowy dog meat trade

Meat and parts are sold onto restaurants, where they are a popular with day labourers as a barbecued snack or a $1.25 soup.

51 children injured in chemical attack at China kindergarten

Children and teachers were admitted to hospital for treatment, two with ‘severe symptoms’.

Shock in Russia as Napoleon expert confesses to chopping up lover

He told investigators that he shot and killed his lover during an argument and then sawed off her head, arms and legs, media reported.

Hong Kong police investigating videos of man set alight

Three videos were posted on messaging channels used by protesters showing a man in a green t-shirt arguing with people on a footbridge.

Hong Kong police shoot protester, igniting renewed fury

The shooting, which was broadcast live on Facebook, is the latest escalation in more than five months of pro-democracy protests.

14 dead as cyclone Bulbul smashes into India, Bangladesh coasts

The cyclone packed winds of up to 120 kilometres per hour when it hit late Saturday, closing ports and airports in both countries.

Cyclone kills two as Bangladesh, India evacuate two million

More than 60,000 people were moved away from the coast on the Indian side of the border.

Seven dead in Iraq as security forces clear protest sites

Three demonstrators died from bullet wounds and a fourth when a tear gas canister pierced his skull, according to medics and police sources.

US identifies likely culprit of vaping illness outbreak

Vitamin E acetate is found in many foods and is also used in cosmetics products like skin cream, but interferes with lung function when inhaled.

Thousands hold vigils as Hong Kong student’s death triggers outrage

In one incident, a group of outnumbered officers were surrounded in Yau Ma Tei district, forcing one to fire a warning shot, a police source said.

Senior French official accused of drugging women to watch them urinate

A police investigation revealed that Christian N. had spiked the women’s drinks with a powerful diureticbefore taking them for long walks.

Hong Kong student’s death triggers fresh outrage

Alex Chow, a 22-year-old computer science undergraduate, was certified dead on Friday morning.

Russian caught trying to smuggle gold in her shoes

The bars were made illegally and lacked the necessary documents.

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