US President Donald Trump wears a face mask in public for the first time, donning a dark mask with the presidential seal as he walks through the corridors of Walter Reed military hospital outside Washington to meet wounded veterans.
The funds are deemed to have passed through the accounts of shell companies housed in a subsidiary of the Gabonese bank BGFI-Bank.
Gates’ foundation pledged $7.4 billion to global vaccines alliance Gavi in June to help immunisation programmes disrupted by coronavirus.
A British man was jailed on Friday for attempting to steal a priceless 1215 original version of Magna Carta, which has defined rights and liberties around the world.
Hollywood legend Johnny Depp on Friday accused Britain’s The Sun tabloid of turning him from ‘Cinderella into Quasimodo’ by claiming he beat his ex-wife Amber Heard.
‘China… reserves the right to take further reactions, all consequences will be borne by Australia,’ warned Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian.

World Five million begin new lockdown in Australian city

Melbourne residents have been told to stay at home for six weeks after other measures to contain a spike in Covid-19 failed to prevent the virus spreading.

World US infections top three million as Trump begins WHO pullout

Coronavirus infections in the United States topped the three million mark Wednesday, as President Donald Trump began withdrawing the country from the World Health Organization.

World ‘Red hat off’: White House hopeful Kanye West breaks with Trump

Kanye West believes God told him to run for president, the rapper reveals in an interview published Wednesday in which he claims no longer to support Donald Trump and voices doubt over Democrat challenger Joe Biden’s ability to unite black voters.

World Japan rescuers battle to reach thousands trapped by floods

Japanese emergency services and troops were scrambling on Thursday to reach thousands of homes cut off by devastating flooding and landslides that have killed dozens and caused widespread damage.

World Foreign students fear deportation over Trump visa threat

Pakistani student Taimoor Ahmed is one of hundreds of thousands of foreigners enrolled in American universities now fearing for their future after Donald Trump’s administration threatened to revoke their visas.

World Ringo marks 80th at online gig with Beatles hits, celebrity tributes

Normally Starr marks each passing year with live performances that include fellow musicians and hundreds of fans, but the pandemic forced a rethink this time.

World With festival cancelled by virus, Japan fireflies dance alone

As the sun sets in the Japanese town of Tatsuno, thousands of fireflies begin glowing, producing a spectacle that usually draws crowds of delighted visitors.

World First court appearance set for Ghislaine Maxwell in Epstein case

British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, who faces sex trafficking charges related to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, will appear in court remotely for an arraignment and bail hearing on July 14.

World Trump a lying narcissist shaped by bullying father, says niece in memoir

She writes that Trump developed ‘twisted behaviors’ and saw ‘cheating as a way of life,’ according to the New York Times.

World Brazil’s Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus

Since the beginning of the virus outbreak, Bolsonaro has minimized the risks of what he initially called ‘a little flu’ while flouting social distancing rules and containment measures.

World Johnny Depp denies ‘wife-beater’ claim in London libel trial

He said it was a ‘strong and central part’ of his moral code that he would never hit a woman, having witnessed domestic violence growing up and vowed never to do so.

World ‘Race against time’ in Japan floods, 50 feared dead

More than 40,000 personnel, including police and firefighters as well as coast guards and troops, were deployed to rescue people.

World Mexican president to talk trade with Trump as virus rages

Some 12 million people born in Mexico live in the US and another 26 million are second or third generation Mexicans.

World China censors Hong Kong internet, US tech giants resist

China has quickly moved to censor Hong Kong’s internet and access users’ data using a feared new national security law, but US tech giants offered some resistance citing rights concerns.

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