While the outrage was sufficient for Waitrose to pull the product, many feel it’s an example of political correctness going too far.
The singer does not know why his one botched line of the SA anthem has led to a ‘massive storm’.
An exhausted dog found paddling 220 kilometres (135 miles) off the Thai coast is set for a new lease on life after an oil rig worker who rescued him promised to adopt the plucky pooch.
The Kaptein hit-maker made a mess of the lyrics of Nkosi Sikelel’iAfrika.
A large, flightless and highly dangerous bird called a cassowary killed its owner in Florida, news reports said.
Palestinian government ministers were sworn in for a second time on Sunday after a lawyer noticed that the oath they took the day before had been missing a phrase.

WATCH: Ramaphosa tells woman to go home and change clothes

The woman decided to meet the president in her pyjamas and gown.

Pedal power: India election crusader cycling for ‘real’ democracy

Lal Mani Das raises his voice above the morning din outside a railway station in the eastern Indian city of Patna city to make an appeal: Vote for a strong democracy.

Canada couple, brewer create Atlantic Ocean salt beer

A Canadian couple that harvest Atlantic sea salt has teamed up with a brewmaster friend to create a new salt beer — which could become the first drink of its kind to be widely distributed.

The no-hopers, dead or alive, in India’s election

Jubilant about his impending defeat, Fakkad Baba is one of a colourful host of no-hoper candidates in India’s mega-election to throw their hat in the ring every time.

#FakeNewsFriedman: Justice Zondo to testify at the commission of inquiry into commissions of inquiry

The inquiry will be chaired by retired justice Dikgang Moseneke, whose tulips will just have to survive for another six months without him.

WATCH: ‘Hy byt hom! Hy byt hom!’ Wife reacts to lioness mauling husband’s arm

The lodge says Nortje put his hand through a fence despite warning signs everywhere.

Italian architect restores ageing Fiats thanks to Internet

At 23, Giovanna Parascandolo is less than half the age of the Fiat 500 she has just completely restored, thanks simply to books and what she calls “1990s-style” Internet forums.

Brazil flooding unleashes caimans in Rio neighborhood

Residents of a hillside Rio de Janeiro favela risk finding hungry caimans at their front door after the city was hit hard by heavy flooding caused by torrential rain.

WATCH: ‘Pastor’ anoints congregants with soft drinks

Footage shows the pastor pouring the flavoured drinks on willing participants.

Saudi tourist falls, drowns in Nile while taking selfie

A Saudi tourist drowned after he slipped and fell into the River Nile while apparently attempting to take a selfie, police said Tuesday.

Hong Kong admits world’s largest air purifier choked on debut

Red-faced Hong Kong officials admitted on Tuesday that a record-breaking air filter for a new bypass under the city broke down shortly after it began operating.

Nepal expedition to remeasure height of Everest: officials

Nepal is sending a team of government-appointed climbers up Mount Everest to remeasure its height, officials said Monday, hoping to quash persistent speculation that the world’s tallest mountain has shrunk.

It’s nuts! Coconut disrupts Edinburgh derby

A tense Scottish derby between Hibernian and Edinburgh rivals Hearts was disrupted on Saturday — by a coconut.

WATCH: Couple performs sex act on Sandton City rooftop

A case has been opened against the couple.

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