Sindiswa Gomba made the remark on Tuesday night, seemingly without realising her microphone was still switched on.
Parents around the world are apparently unperturbed by the prospect of their children being forever associated with a deadly pandemic.
While Mthembu’s blunder is one to be laughed at, some say it’s a sign the man is overworked.
Finding the perfect fringe during these times of confinement may prove to be an expensive gamble after German police went underground to uncover two makeshift hairdressing salons on Saturday.
The Min Thein Kha platform — the only one of its kind in Myanmar — was launched two years ago.
It is understood that the sergeant also requested to pray for the pastor before arresting him.

Eish! Man arrested for smuggling girlfriend from Gauteng to Mpumalanga in boot of car

‘Do you think we’re stupid?’ asks one cop as another explains she was not forced into the boot.

Eish! WATCH: Cop prays before arresting pastor for breaking lockdown rules

The pastor was arrested in the name of ‘the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost’.

Eish! WATCH: Alcohol kills the virus, says Nairobi governor on including Hennessy in care packages

The World Health Organisation has, in fact, warned citizens to avoid alcohol altogether.

Eish! Govt department apologises after hackers show ‘shocking’ porn during Covid-19 meeting

The meeting was later taken to a ‘more private setting’ and people were sent messages with new details. 

Eish! Woman fined for taking turtle for a walk in Rome

Italian authorities reported issuing a record 16,545 fines on Easter Monday.

Eish! South Africans reflect on the lessons lockdown has taught them

From what the believe they have learned about the capabilities of Eskom, the police and government, to people’s ability to live without alcohol and tobacco, check out what SA thinks it has learned from self-isolation.

Covid-19 WATCH: Man tells Joburg mayor in roadblock that he’s off to see the mayor

An excuse that might have worked wonders on any day was really not a great idea this Sunday.

Eish! Report of foreign nationals being kicked out of SA for extended lockdown is fake 

The fake report claimed there would be ‘great consequences’ for those who fail to leave the country.

Eish! In sermon livestream Bushiri says ‘don’t listen to your mind’, give your money

The self-proclaimed prophet has been trending since last night after telling his followers the voice in their head telling them not to donate to him was allegedly the devil.

Eish! WATCH: Couple arrested for flouting Covid-19 lockdown regulations on their wedding day

The bride and groom were arrested for contravening the Disaster Management Act and restrictions on the gathering of people during the lockdown.

Eish! WATCH: From the best to the worst April Fool’s Day pranks

From a husky not being very amused to a bad newspaper headline, we’ve put together some of this year’s pranks on April Fools Day.

Covid-19 WATCH: Mbalula called an April fool as he speaks to hundreds of people at taxi rank

Viewers called out the lack of social distancing and use of personal protective equipment by the crowd of taxi drivers and owners who had gathered to listen to the minister in evident violation of lockdown restrictions.

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