A ‘competition’ encouraging subscribers to post videos of themselves destroying their satellite dishes for a cash prize is still ongoing.
The pair are now engaged and live in Alexandra.
Belinda Bozzoli claimed ‘non literate forms seem to matter more than clever words and well crafted arguments’.
WARNING: Explicit content. In the footage, the man says his cousin asked him to tell the world that he raped her.
Apparently, the Western Cape premier does not think having sex the whole day is the way to go.
The video shows Schwarzenegger being kicked in the back, which makes him tumble forward. But he’s cool about it.

WATCH: Man caught masturbating at gym, Twitter dismayed

Virgin Active SA confirmed on Twitter that the man’s membership has since been terminated, while social media users expressed their disgust.

WATCH: Groom beats best man for ‘hugging his bride too tightly’

The video has sparked speculation on the relationship between the bride and the best man.

KFC clarifies reports of ‘UKZN student’ who lied for free meals

UKZN is now famous for apparently having one of the most intelligent students.

Why Mbalula won’t confirm or deny Malema’s ‘NW premier suggestion’

Leaked nudes that could cause Mbalula to ‘regret the day he was born’ may still keep the elections head up at night.

Mbalula is the ANC’s NW premier candidate, according to Malema

While the ANC’s candidate for North West premier is a mystery so far, the EFF leader has a tongue-in-cheek theory of his own.

WATCH: Drunk voter makes a scene as he struggles to make his mark 

He has been hailed as a hero for exercising his right even when he could not stand still.

WATCH: Hymns, tears as ANC members hold hilarious funeral service for DA

The party in the Eastern Cape is already in a celebratory mood.

American Twitter drags Chicken Licken wings, as Keyshia Cole tweets in Zulu

Our pain was short-lived as Keyshia Cole came through with the Zulu drip.

WATCH: Men pick wrong day to rob cash-in-transit guard

Other suspected cash-in-transit robbers also failed to get away with money on Monday.

Rasta ‘got it right’ with Malema painting

The infamous portrait artists appears to be improving, a development drawing mixed reactions on social media.

Mbalula gets bulk SMS from Ramaposa telling him to vote ANC

Sending out mass SMSes is a popular tactic among SA’s political parties, although the legality of some of these methods has been questioned.

#FakeNewsFriedman: Leave us alone, inanimate objects tell Steve Hofmeyr

The SPCO has accused the Afrikaans singer of the ‘serial abuse’ of non-sentient beings.

WATCH: Steve Hofmeyr supporters braai their DStv decoders in protest

This follows the Afrikaans singer destroying his decoder and dish and urging his fans to do the same.

Rasta distances himself from Ramaphosa painting

Social media users say this can only mean Rasta has multiplied.

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