The cats had been left homeless after they and their owner were evicted from an apartment in Southern Spain.
Seth Lookhart, 35, sent phone footage to friends that showed him taking a patient’s tooth out while standing on the two-wheeled hoverboard before riding away as he stripped off his gloves and held his hands up in triumph.
The social media streets have crowned the Nissan 1400 South Africa’s fastest car following the high-speed chase.
The individual sperms were described as ‘giants’, measuring up to 4.6 times the size of the body of the male.
Is he doing it on purpose, or are these really the extent of his skills?
In a heart-warming video, a farmer can be seen addressing his farm animals, who have gathered around to hear him speak.

Eish! Video: I can see loo – Tokyo park gets transparent toilets

The concept appealed to at least one local resident, a 41-year-old housewife who said she liked how clean the facilities were, as public toilets are often ‘dark and dirty’.

Eish! Green mamba causes consternation at KZN construction site

Evans says it is always sad to see green mambas in situations like this, “but it’s going to keep happening as the coastline gets more developed”.

Eish! WATCH: ‘Granny’ pulls pistol on EFF supporters, gets arrested

A defensive situation such as this ‘is exactly why little old ladies should have firearms,’ Gun Owners South Africa chairperson Paul Oxley said.

Eish! EFF Monday mayhem: Ndlozi tells Madonsela to go to hell

It seems a Twitter user also reported Malema for his post over the weekend which instructed affiliates to mobilise to Clicks outlets on Monday.

Eish! WATCH: This witness’s reaction during a gunfight is epic

WARNING: This footage contains extreme violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Eish! WATCH: Taiwan toddler survives terrifying kite flight

A three-year-old girl in Taiwan survived being launched into the air for a terrifying half-minute flight after she was ensnared in the tail of a kite at a weekend festival.

Eish! Man crashes into KZN home after avoiding chicken crossing road

He claimed to have lost control of the vehicle, drove through a boundary wall and drove into a house.

Eish! WATCH: Grade 11 pupil manhandles teacher in classroom

A video filmed in a Hoërskool Middelburg classroom shows a pupil and a teacher grabbing each other by the collar.

Eish! WATCH: Zondo frustrated by ‘I don’t knows’ and ‘I don’t remembers’ from witness Vuyisile Ndzeku

The tedious testimony from the director of Swissport SA saw him admitting that he could not even remember when he got married.

Eish! India may turn former British flagship into motorbikes

Scrap metal from what was once the world’s oldest-serving aircraft carrier — and Britain’s flagship during the 1982 Falklands war — could be used to make motorbikes, the firm charged with breaking it down said Tuesday.

Eish! WATCH: Officer punched in Krugersdorp clash

The incident allegedly happened on 14 August in Krugersdorp.

Eish! Spreading the good word of Satanism

A young academic and reverend from Pretoria hopes to address the misconceptions that exist about Satanism in SA, and do away with the image of depressed, blood drinking animal abuser image created during the Satanic Panic of the 1980s and ’90s.

Eish! Boar that stole German nudist’s laptop ‘may be culled’

A wild boar that went viral after stealing a nudist’s laptop by a lake in German capital Berlin last week could be caught up in a local cull, an official said Friday.

Eish! Driver busted going 204km/h claims he was rushing friend with ‘Covid-19’ to hospital

The 47-year-old driver, from Mpumalanga, was arrested for reckless and negligent driving, said EMPD spokesperson Kobeli Mokheseng.

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