The sweater shows a character believed to be Santa Clause behind a table with three lines of white ‘snow’ laid in front of him.
Numerous sources close to the former president apparently maintain he’s gone to a ‘secret hospital’.
The Reformed Church in Annlin have accused Kota Joe of using a suggestive image on a billboard advertisement.
The party leader could be seen looking wounded after his party was yet again renamed the Economic Freedom Front.
Trolleys and people are flying across the country as people hunt for the perfect bargain.
Those filming the near brush with death joke that the man looks like he’s about to lift off before the small truck’s load comes crashing on to the highway.

Man uses unlicensed firearm as gear lever

The man was arrested during another Operation Okae Molao for his bizarre Mad Maxing.

WATCH: Ndlozi refers to ‘AfriForum’ members as ‘Die Bokke’

The EFF spokesperson had a little fun in court with ‘an entire media contingency of senior journalists just to cover a case’.

China tells Zim: We didn’t give you R53m this year. We gave you R2bn

Zimbabwe’s 2020 National Budget Statement does not reflect what China has actually done on the ground, the Chinese embassy says.

Shivambu asks for keys from someone who ‘gave him’ a mansion

A Twitter user thought he could get away with randomly linking the EFF deputy to a massive house, but Shivambu was having none of it.

Social media shares baboon’s journey through Joburg’s northern suburbs

Residents are urged to leave the baboon alone, not confront him, as well as to report his location.

WATCH: Woman throws bra at Mapimpi during Bok tour

Women have been shooting their shots since the arrival of the Bok team from Japan.

Hoender soek ‘n vrou

Tjortsie the rooster is recovering well from a mystery illness, as well as his brother stealing his wife away while he was ill.

Croatian footballer in trouble for killing chicken on pitch

The 23-year-old was red-carded for unsporting behaviour.

Finger lickin’ engagement: KFC wants to track down this touching couple

A trending video clip proves the wisdom of Proverbs 15:17, that there’s no better dish than one served with love.

WATCH: Makazole Mapimpi drops f-bomb in emotional homecoming speech

The first man to score a try for SA in a Rugby World Cup final said the win was a huge motivation for the youth of the Eastern Cape, his home province.

The chosen bun: Decade-old burger’s decay livestreamed in Iceland

Now the burger is on display like a work of art inside a glass case at Snotra House, a hostel in Thykkvibaer in southern Iceland.

WATCH: Dogs maul alleged housebreaker in Western Cape

Some have argued the dogs should not have been allowed to attack the man like that.

Hilarious reactions to ‘tiger’ Gwede Mantashe’s alleged sex scandal

The minister has earned a new nickname from social media users.

‘Slay queen’ says Mantashe was a ‘better blesser’ than Mboweni and a ‘tiger in bed’ – report

A front-page tabloid exposé features sordid details of the alleged sexual activities of the two ministers.

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