A woman named ‘Shelly’ has found herself on the trends list after her ‘fun’ hand-washing demonstration to teach her building’s staff how to beat Covid-19.
More videos show law enforcement actually kicking people during day one of the national lockdown as a measure to curb the spread of the coronavirus.
A cyclist was thrown into the back of a police van after he was found on the road on Friday morning.
As of this morning, South Africa has 62 confirmed and verified cases of Covid-19.
Citizens have been urged to wash their hands with soap and water after bathroom visits. 

Eish! WATCH: Motorist cruising on the wrong side of N1 highway

The video shows a motorist on the wrong side of the N1 highway in a Polo.

Eish! WATCH: Zweli Mkhize coughs in front of coronavirus-spooked SA

At the first briefing on Thursday to reassure South Africans not to panic at the news that the first person with Covid-19 had been diagnosed in the country, the minister raised a few eyebrows when he coughed on live TV.

Eish! WATCH: Is this woman the reason the officer was attacked at Eastern Cape Legislature?

The footage shows the legislature officer being ambushed by a woman wearing EFF regalia.

Eish! KZN MUT ‘Opening Prayer 2020’ tender bid causes an uproar

Minimum requirements are a BBBEE certificate and tax clearance.

Eish! WATCH: NWU student forgets bag at home, gets it dropped off via helicopter

A video emerged on social media soon after the delivery, where women can be heard asking who the receiving student is. WARNING: Video contains strong language.

Celebrities WATCH: AKA’s crowd surfing attempt ends badly

The 32-year-old rapper still continued with his performance.

Eish! WATCH: R2.89 increase in whisky, spirits has Mantashe sweating

The minister could not hold back his shock to the increase of spirits and whisky during Mboweni’s budget speech on Wednesday.

Eish! WATCH: Hippo wandering around St Lucia petrol station

St Lucia is part of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, which is home to between 800 and 1,000 hippos.

Eish! Where is he, and what did he do? Pandor takes jabs at DA over missing Maimane

Pandor urged MPs to remember her when she leaves parliament ‘since others left without a word’.

Eish! WATCH: Ndabeni-Abrahams says she and husband went to Geneva, not Switzerland

Confused South Africans have asked the minister to clarify which Geneva she was referring to.

Eish! WATCH: SANDF defends video of armoured vehicle crashing into fence

The defence force claims there are those who hide behind pseudonyms while attempting to portray the SANDF negatively.

Eish! Twitter reacts to Zille saying she’ll deactivate her account after ‘attack’ on granddaughter

She tweeted a thread on her account explaining the reason behind her decision to leave the platform.

Eish! WATCH: Mixed reactions as Nigerian pastor preaches to travellers on plane

The pastor encourages travellers to be ‘born again’ before takeoff.

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