In the audio clip, she is heard saying: ‘My shoes cost R30,000. Even the houses I have bought, I did not buy them with stolen money from Emfuleni or Sedibeng.’
Instead of speeding off in a $200,000 Lamborghini Urus, a Texas man got a slower ride to jail Tuesday after US authorities arrested him for using $1.6 million in government pandemic aid to go on a spending spree.
A police spokesperson said the victim was assaulted and his feet bound by shoelaces.
Despite claiming to have healed several people by using his super prayer powers to flush out the Covid-19, the prophet said the “miracles” were not meant to discourage people from seeking medical treatment.
Nearly two grams of heroin, two SIM cards and a memory chip were found in a small plastic bag tied around the cat’s neck.
Stuart Bingham blamed sanitised snooker balls for his struggle to get over the line against qualifier Ashley Carty in an empty arena at the World Championship on Saturday.

Eish! Leopard caught roaming Pretoria’s streets

The leopard apparently escaped from a nearby game reserve through a hole in the fence that was presumably cut by poachers.

Eish! WATCH: Nigerian official ‘faints’ while being questioned on alleged corruption

In a video circulating on social media, the official can be seen dosing off while being questioned about the source of money to pay students who are receiving scholarships.

Eish! Serbian president back to school, to fulfill his coaching dreams

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has enrolled in a sports college to fulfil what he called his boyhood dream of becoming a basketball coach.

Eish! R20 000 if you can find a lost puppy!

If you are in Johannesburg this weekend and have some time to spare, you might want to head over to the Northcliff area and join a search party that could earn you a pretty penny and help reunite a family with their fur-baby.

Eish! WATCH: Forget about a puppy. How about a snake or ten?

This snake owner says his 10 pets are simply misunderstood, and he wants to change the perception people have of them.

Celebs & viral Woman sends nudes to fake Maphorisa Twitter account

SAMA-nominated DJ Maphorisa is having a rather eventful week.

Eish! Burglars arrested after coming back for lawnmower hidden in bushes

Two of the suspects were arrested while two managed to flee the scene.

Eish! Meet Buckwheat, the donkey you can hire to crash Zoom meetings

The coronavirus pandemic has led millions of people to embrace meetings via Zoom, but admittedly, those can be as tedious as in-person conferences.

Eish! WATCH: Pregnant lady shows up at baby shower planned by her man for his baby mama

Her bae planned a baby shower for his chick, but his pregnant side chick showed up, and she was pissed.

Eish! Dutch ID cards will soon omit gender, says minister

Gender will cease to be mentioned on identity cards in the Netherlands in the next few years because it is “unnecessary” information, the education and culture minister has said.

Eish! No, Old Brown Sherry doesn’t cure Covid-19 as voice note claims

The reports are contained in a viral WhatsApp voice note doing rounds on social media, which the EC health department called ‘100% absolute pure nonsense’.

Eish! SA loses in Covid-19 happiness Tri-Nations

The results are in, and the lockdown has made South Africans much more miserable compared to Australia and New Zealand, where the rules weren’t as strict.

Accidents R1m luxury car driven into tree, police investigating

Metro police are investigating after a second vehicle apparently fled the scene.

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