The shop’s confiscated merchandise included Cannabis oils, sweets and cookies, and various strains of marijuana.
A Buddhist monk fishes out a vial of cannabis oil from his robe and puts a drop under his tongue — one of many people flocking to a weed festival in northeastern Thailand, where excitement is building over a medical marijuana boom.
Liberian President George Weah has been barred from his office for five days by two black snakes that slithered into the building this week, authorities said Friday.
Warning, strong language. The celeb clearly has little time for people still making jokes about her book fiasco.
To be worthy of the title of master, a blacksmith in Kresevo in central Bosnia had to perform a delicate task — shoe an egg without breaking it.
The Joburg mayor seemed to see the funny side of it.

Eish! ‘Game Over’: Trump again taps ‘GoT,’ this time in Russia saga

President Donald Trump has used “Game of Thrones” imagery to push for his wall on the US-Mexico border and to hint at fresh sanctions on Iran.

Eish! Armed robbers hold up pharmacist for two boxes of painkillers

A Port Elizabeth pharmacist had a gun pulled on her by thieves who made off with Panado rather than money.

Eish! Berlin court rules yoga can count as vocational training

A yoga course can be considered vocational training, a Berlin court has ruled, paving the way to doing the “Downward-facing Dog” or “Greet the Sun” on company time in Germany’s capital.

Eish! Indonesia lures voters with ghouls, superheros and tons of fun

Dressed like Count Dracula, Yasim Adnan doesn’t look much like an election official, but neither do his staff who are decked out as mummies and spooky nuns with blood pouring from their eyes.

Eish! ‘Sea goddess’ backs Foxconn chief’s bid for Taiwan president

Tech giant Foxconn’s boss Terry Gou said Wednesday a goddess had told him to run in Taiwan’s presidential election.

Eish! ANC to ‘immediately remove’ billboard with embarrassing spelling error

In Nelson Mandela Bay the ANC briefly wanted to do more ‘togher’.

Eish! UK chain forced to pull ‘racist’ ugly duckling Easter chocs

While the outrage was sufficient for Waitrose to pull the product, many feel it’s an example of political correctness going too far.

Eish! Kurt Darren hangs up on Eusebius on air after anthem question

The singer does not know why his one botched line of the SA anthem has led to a ‘massive storm’.

Eish! Dog pulled from ruff seas 220 kms off Thai coast to be adopted by rescuer

An exhausted dog found paddling 220 kilometres (135 miles) off the Thai coast is set for a new lease on life after an oil rig worker who rescued him promised to adopt the plucky pooch.

Eish! WATCH: Kurt Darren ‘completely butchers’ the national anthem

The Kaptein hit-maker made a mess of the lyrics of Nkosi Sikelel’iAfrika.

Eish! Exotic, dangerous bird kills owner in Florida

A large, flightless and highly dangerous bird called a cassowary killed its owner in Florida, news reports said.

Eish! Palestinian ministers sworn in again after oath foul-up

Palestinian government ministers were sworn in for a second time on Sunday after a lawyer noticed that the oath they took the day before had been missing a phrase.

Eish! WATCH: Ramaphosa tells woman to go home and change clothes

The woman decided to meet the president in her pyjamas and gown.

Eish! Pedal power: India election crusader cycling for ‘real’ democracy

Lal Mani Das raises his voice above the morning din outside a railway station in the eastern Indian city of Patna city to make an appeal: Vote for a strong democracy.


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