International observers have expressed concerns about the election’s integrity.
The US embassy in the country said its observers witnessed voting irregularities that it said ‘strains credulity’.
While voting day appeared mostly calm, civil society groups said they found evidence of suspected election rigging, including several attempts to stuff ballots.
The main public service union said the economic crisis means 300,000 government employees can’t afford to travel to their jobs.
As he cast his ballot, President Filipe Nyusi said ‘Mozambique has chosen to move forward peacefully’.
The committee says the Prime Minister has reached out his hand to formalise a peace process with Eritrea and given many Ethiopians a better life and brighter future.

DA says SA cannot be silent on ‘appalling’ homophobic bill in Uganda

The party says it is opposed to the reintroduction of legislation that would bring back the death penalty to homosexuals in the country.

Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed wins Nobel Peace Prize

Abiy was honoured or his efforts to resolve the long-running conflict with neighbouring foe Eritrea.

Easy up, sticky down: Zimbabwe lunges towards economic despair

Inflation is running at 1 000% after the reserve bank flooded the country with money.

WATCH: Uganda’s Bobi Wine escapes arrest on motorbike

The Ugandan pop star and leading opposition figure made a dramatic escape on a motorbike, avoiding arrest by security forces after they barricaded his home.

Nigerian president offers record $34bn budget for 2020

The plan for Africa’s top oil exporter assumes crude production of 2.18 million barrels a day and an oil price of $57 per barrel.

King Mswati ‘desperate’ to cling to power in eSwatini

King Mswati ‘desperate’ to cling to power in eSwatini

Labour movements have slammed the monarch’s repressive police response to strike action, but it is expected the AU and SADC will do nothing at all.

Zimbabwe raises petrol prices by more than 25%

The government was piling more misery on to already suffering Zimbabweans.

Families survive on one meal in drought-hit Zimbabwe

In the morning only the children get the porridge, and everyone skips lunch.

Three dead in attack on bus in central Mozambique

Police confirmed the attack but refused to speculate on the identity of perpetrators, saying they were still investigating.

Almost 600 Burundian refugees return home from Tanzania

The UNHCR has facilitated the voluntary return of almost 75,000 refugees since September 2017, under a deal with Burundi and Tanzania.

Buhari in South Africa to strengthen ties

The Nigerian president Buhari will start his three-day state visit to the country today to discuss the welfare of his countrymen in South Africa.

eSwatini workers clash with police in salary protests

They accuse King Mswati III of spending public money on expensive trips abroad and royal ceremonies at the expense of their salaries.

Nigeria’s Buhari flies to SA after xenophobic violence

Buhari is looking to diversify Nigeria’s economy away from oil and South Africa could prove a key partner in boosting its agricultural and mining sectors.

WATCH: Zanu PF denies wanting to turn Mugabe’s mansion into a museum

A spokesperson for Emmerson Mnangagwa says he is not a ‘vindictive man’ and will honour his promise to transfer the property to Grace Mugabe.

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