Premier Zamani Saul announced that 80% of the Northern Cape was affected by drought, while 60% was declared severe drought areas.
Any further delays in putting in place measures to mitigate the impact of the drought ‘will have catastrophic consequences for our nation,’ he said.
Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Lindiwe Sisulu and Premier Oscar Mabuyane held an urgent meeting on Monday to discuss the situation.
The department of human settlements, water and sanitation said in a statement the Eastern Cape was one of the provinces affected by the drought.
The Eastern Cape was declared a drought disaster area in October already.
The City thanked residents who ‘continue to think water during this recovery period for Cape Town’s dams’.

Gift of the Givers ‘battle’ with worsening Eastern Cape drought

Despite drilling boreholes and installing water tanks, the organisation said it was battling.

Northern Cape needs R688m to battle massive drought

Agri-Northern Cape (Agri-NC) says it is looking forward to the help it will receive from the government to raise almost R688m for drought aid in the province.

Tzaneen dam level drops to a worrying 5.1%

There are 28 dams in total in Limpopo, none of which are 100% full.

Dams are empty in Eastern Cape

The Gcuwa and all dams supplying Butterworth and surrounding areas are empty.

Eastern Cape dams running dry, Butterworth gets boreholes

Taps ran dry months ago in surrounding villages, such as Ndabakazi and Kwezana, which are now depending on water tankers.

AgriSA wants Limpopo to be declared a disaster zone

There are fears that the situation might worsen if heavy rainfall is not experienced soon.

Pretoria metro to ‘throttle’ reservoirs as water situation gets dire

All reservoir outflow valves will be throttled at night and will be opened again during the day when reservoirs have recovered to acceptable levels.

DA takes up Northern Cape farmers’ drought fight

It is estimated that the crippling drought has led to more than 62,000 job losses in various parts of the agricultural production chain.

Agricultural sector teeters on the brink … and no end in sight

Agricultural sector teeters on the brink … and no end in sight

‘A financial drought’ is how it was described, with even the farmers whose farms don’t get attached not being able to get production credit from banks.

Start saving water, or our supplies could run out

Start saving water, or our supplies could run out

The department of water and sanitation has issued a dire warning … we need to start using water sparingly. If we don’t, Minister Lindiwe Sisulu’s dreaded ‘day zero phenomenon’ is a stark reality.

Climate change, drought hit Western Cape agriculture hard

‘How do you diversify without water? My farm looks like a gravel road right now,’ said Oudtshoorn farmer Laubscher Coetzee.

Desperate farmers cry to govt for drought relief

Desperate farmers cry to govt for drought relief

Drought-stricken farmers around the country are pleading for help as conditions threaten the nation’s food supply and their very survival.

Despite stage 2 water restrictions, Joburg residents are still not complying

Residents have been warned to reduce the frequency of watering their gardens because the system is still vulnerable.

‘It takes everything away from you’ – how drought affects smallholder farmers

The 20th Waternet symposium on freshwater management heard that farmers simply ‘take every day as it comes’ or ‘rely on the Lord who sends the rain’.

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