Putting the mask in the freezer or microwave to try to kill the virus is not recommended.
In normal circumstances, the birth of a newborn child must be registered with the department within 30 days.
The health department is not entertaining anything untested and unproven, while traditional healers are complaining they’re not being respected.
Watching the economy die a slow death will soon result in many actual deaths not caused by coronavirus, so a balance must be found, write these six academics.
The reality is that no one is safe from the possibility of contracting the coronavirus and all of us must ensure that our finances are ready in case of a healthcare emergency.
Home-made masks can help protect us from the virus, it has been conclusively shown.

Fitness and Wellness Four immune-boosting exercises you can do at home

Many people struggle with sufficient upper-body strength to do push-ups, but you can build yourself up with these great tips.

Fitness and Wellness 10 ways to protect the elderly during the Covid-19 pandemic

Encourage your loved down to keep busy by catching up on their reading list, playing a board game or building a puzzle.

Covid-19 From unsafe swabs to Gaddafi and Obama, beware these fake claims about Covid-19

GroundUp has debunked some of the nonsense being spread about the pandemic, although there is far more out there.

Health TB vaccine might prove to be SA’s ‘lucky weapon’ against Covid-19

Researchers globally are looking into whether getting the BCG vaccine may confer heightened resistance against both contracting and/or suffering the worst effects of the coronavirus.

Covid-19 Mbalula says video of a ‘bustling Polokwane’ is fake, the real Polokwane is in lockdown

The transport minister has continued to caution the country not to believe everything they see online.

Personal Finance Lost your income? Your credit insurance could cover your payments for a year

Maya Fisher-French says the banks themselves have not been advertising these facts, and the one bank she spoke to apparently needed a timely reminder itself.

Covid-19 South Africa’s Covid-19 lockdown: cigarettes and outdoor exercise could ease the tension

SA lockdown restrictions are among the most extreme globally. South Africans may not leave their homes except to procure essential goods and services. This excludes the purchase of cigarettes and alcohol. It also excludes outdoor exercise.

Covid-19 Physical distancing should not mean emotional distancing, say psychologists

Psychologists are offering tips and free, brief, online support services to deal with frayed lockdown nerves.

Covid-19 EFF launch party-branded containers of hand sanitiser

The EFF say they will do anything for their members.

Covid-19 5 tips for surviving lockdown, from true experts of isolation

Astronaut Frank de Winne says it is vital to maintain human contact, even if only electronically.

Covid-19 911 Response24 now has a free app to assist with emergencies in SA during Covid-19 crisis

A Medical Support SA button in an innovative app links users directly to a centralised National Operations Centre where agents are working to assist in qualifying and directing callers to the correct Covid-19 facilities or sources of information.

Covid-19 For nicotine addicts who now can’t buy cigarettes, how bad is withdrawal going to be?

You will need to ration your vice – if you didn’t buy enough. But Sergeant Kick Butt can perhaps help – and South Africa is supporting healthy choices in a very different time.

Covid-19 Uber will no longer be suspended during lockdown

Uber will still be able to operate daily across South Africa between 5am to 9am and 4pm to 8pm during the 21-day national lockdown for essential travel only.

Covid-19 Stay put, or risk unleashing a virus ‘second wave’

Experts have warned that unless citizens adhere to the stringent lockdown restrictions and remain indoors as much as possible, a more deadly second wave of the coronavirus will wreak havoc.

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